Teyla Dane; The killer returns

Teyla walked to infront of her team, each one waiting patiently for their next case, and she had it. "Right guys, we have a new case, yes, I know we're probably going to have overtime, AGAIN. But this case is top priority". She walked over to a medium sized screen on the wall near their desks, the screen flickered to a blank screen. "This, is who we are going to catch." Everyone looked confused at her, wondering what was going on. "Apologies for the lack of a picture, but this killer is good.. There is no information whatsoever on this one, except that they have commited a string of murders.. This person is what you call a pro." Everyone nodded in understanding at eachother, they knew this was going to be a tough one, a long one. "Well then, crime scene, here we come.." Everyone grabbed their stuff and made their way to the crimescene.


The End

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