Hunting down my prey

My legs were running under me, my body chasing towards the smll in the air. My next victem, the next number to add to my list. For they will be added, no one ever gets away from me alive. Not one soul is spared, Not even the police. The scent was stuck in my nose, weaving me in and out tree's. The look of blood was on my mind, the sliced throat leaking the precious blood onto the floor. The precious crimson red blood i desire, for how much it means to me i cannot say. I can taste it in my mouth telling me whether my prey is worth it. Even if i am paid, i still love to see my prey suffer. Chasing them as if they were animals, giving them a bit of hope thinking they were free. Until one day, one day i'll POUNCE on them and they will be no more. Their body dealt with, the blood hidden. For i am one of the best, yet only a teenager. A female teenager but still i am one of the best. I can beat many adults, make them beg for mercy. But no mercy shall i give, because mercy is a sin.

I sniffed the air, my prey was still here. Cowarding behind a tree, wet stains left from the fear of me. The shaking of knowing what is to come. Yet they know it will come, they think they can escape. I slow my speed to a trot, making my way across the forest in the dark moonlight. For here will be my next prey, and for here it will stay.

The End

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