The Arrangement (Kariai #2)

Even though Eyal has his own bed room in the little cottage he seems to always end up in a chair next Sarai's bed. (The second one-shot in the Kariai verse novel series)

Even though he went into his own bedroom every night he spent most of them in Sarai’s sitting by her bed. He knew that he shouldn’t, they were sage in the cottage wrapped in the arms of the forest, but something drew him back every time and more often than not he woke up in a chair.

He remembered the night they had to run from the palace as rebels broke down the iron gates. The night air crackled with the scent of fire and the voices of angry men crying for blood. Eyal had been given very distinct instructions to save the princess if anything ever happened and even as the sounds of dying guards and servants followed him down the darkened hallways of the palace he had found the crying child hiding under her bed and spirited her outside unnoticed.

If he had gone back he might have been able to save the king and queen but Eyal was loyal so even though it broke his heart he ran. “Protect Sarai, never let her out of your sight,” those had been the king’s words and he had obeyed. He had found the safe house in the woods with little trouble and the rest of the night had been spent trying to calm Sarai down.

That night haunted him, in his dreams and during the day. The nightmares were vivid and sharp, the screams echoing around in his skull and more than once he had woken up because of the phantom smell of smoke. The day time was easier, he could deal with the pangs of sadness whenever Sarai smiled and looked exactly like her mother, but the nights were the worst.

The End

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