In the hall

In the big hall of the training camp

The hall was filling up; the class readout was a big event in all schools. After a few minutes the arch mage of the school cleared his throat and the noise died down. And in a pompous voice he began.

"Dear my beloved students, it is time to say goodbye to another class of students, and now in due fashion we shall read out the power, Level and Class of all the students from the worst to the best."

He started, Gareth was at the bottom, and He was red with shame because his family was here watching. As the list continued on Eruantion, for that was the boy’s name, was surprised, his name had not been called. Once they got halfway his name still had not been called and he hoped that his dream might actually come true. They Got too twelve from the top and stopped, the arch mage was staring at the sheet in his hands. When he got a hold of himself he called over the sectary and whispered something to him and then stood up and addressed the school.

"We have something great among us now; twelve students have got into the upper echelon of the ranks, eleven in the top five and another in the top three, bone class. I have just had to call the respective masters of the disciplines they chose, and some of them are quite well known." with that sentence he stepped down.

The End

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