First test

Six years on.

The man looked up at the teachers, it was the testing day, those with magic were told what, how much, and overall, what class. Classes were determined by the rarity of your power times the amount of power you had and then ranked, bone class was three from the top, a hard place to get to.

The line slowly advanced forward with the mage shouting out the Power, Level and rank. He was standing near the back, hoping for a good result, the only good thing so far had been that Gareth, the class bully and snob from a rich family had fire magic, the worst kind and was enchilon level, the lowest you could get. When he laughed at this Gareth had looked back and sneered at him

"You won’t be laughing when you get your result, you will probably be worse than me" He then turned and strode out the hall, his majestic walk spoiled when he fell over the carpet.

For the last five people they were just recorded, to be said out at the end. As he was last he got, he thought, to get publicly humiliated by the mage in front of the class. The only clue to what was happening was the mages hmm of thoughtfulness when he tested him and an increase in the blue aura around the man. 

The End

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