The Armor Magi

magic, fighting, worlds to save, you get the idea

The boy was staring at me, most people do, I’m an armour mage so that explains it, even if the didn’t se me in armour they knew, you just had to look. Though this child was different, most stared with thanks, sorrow or hate, he was just curious, he reminded me of myself as a child, and it was one of those memories

From the boys perspective

The boy stared at the man, he wanted to be like that, most people didn’t get a chance to be like him, you had to be bone class or above, and that didn’t come till you were much older, he was only ten so another six years and he would know. He was different among the people, most showed their latent ability early on, he hadn’t, this could mean two things, he was too week, or that the magus who had tested him was lying to his parents.

In his class there was another thing that set him aside, he wanted to be an armour mage, most just wanted to learn more of his discipline and become a teacher, and he wanted to fight.

The End

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