Both Vampires and Werewolves exist and so do Werevamps. Two brothers, one road, and both with a certain hatred for the other. 300 hundred years, 250 years to figure out the truth behind their sisters death. Join them as they struggle through life and with each other. Family is put to the test and the brothers learn that maybe some grudges shouldn't be kept, especially when aimed in the wrong direction.


The world is painted in more colors than one, shining through in a mixture of blue and grey. It's always right or wrong, good or bad and never easy as you follow a path that could end up being the wrong choice or decision.

Daniel contemplated life as it was and as it should be and he always came to one conclusion everytime. Even now, as he stood amongst the trees that loomed over the clear river ahead because what greeted him in his thoughts was the only thing that made sense.

He closed his eyes as a rush of wind whooshed by him in a hurry, locks of his raven black hair falling to rest against his skin and he didn't make a move to slap the strands away as he continued to stand still and unmoving, eyes remaining as are.

His thoughts went to the events that happened earlier that day. The fight that he had with Aaron and how all his bottled up emotions finally pooled out and overflowed, forming words that were spat out at his brother in hate. Words, that, he longed to take back but knew the damage was dealt and no amount of 'Im sorry' could change that.

"You are not my brother. Everyday I have spent with you, three-hundred years, of constant misery, was the worst. Even if you were not there for half the time!" He had said.

"It is neutral, brother." Was Aaron's simple reply but Daniel saw the slight flash of hurt in his deep orbs.

He sighed deeply.

How did they manage to go from almost being brothers to showering each other with despise and resentment at the end, or so it felt as if that was where they were now, back at square one, and now that hole deepened.

His eyes opened and casted over the still waters in front of him. He could end it, end it all. He was positive it was what would be best for everyone. For Aaron.

I am so sorry, but its the only way to end the suffering.

He did not need to think twice about it as he took a step forward and cringed at the coldness that went through his pants and to his skin but kept walking out, the water rising with each step until it rested against his waist.

Half vampire, half werewolf and the cold never bothered him before, having been used to it. He was adjusted to the feeling but his body still began to shake on instinct when it started to hit his nerves fully and he couldn't help the clatter of his teeth as his lips trembled. He was not entirely sure if it was the temperature or the pain he felt in his chest that refused to settle. Either way, it was unbearable.

He heard somewhere that drowning was the least painful but he did not believe that because the pressure alone from holding your breath for far to long was like getting choked. It constricts your lungs until they finally explode without the air they need and it was in fact painful.

He moved forward and the water rose. It was now to his neck. One more step and it would be over but as he took a breath and was ready to take that final move, a voice rang out from a far. A voice he knew all to well, eyes going wide at the realization that it was his brother, he froze and slowly turned his head around to peer back.

Aaron. Aaron was calling him.

No. He had to end it!

Aaron suddenly appeared where Daniel himself had stood not minutes ago on the bank and was looking frantically around and when his eyes finally landed on him, all the breath Daniel had been holding, rushed out because Aaron's eyes grew wider by the second when he spotted his little brother out in the middle of the river.

"Daniel!" He yelled in a panic.

Daniel looked at him sadly. This is for the best, brother, he thought miserably and in the next moment was surrounded by water as he fell completely under.


Daniel faintly heard the desperate yell but the water blocked out all noise, all sight, when it wrapped around him like a veil and threatened to take him into the very depths of hell. Only he did not mind because he welcomed it.

He held his breath. He wanted to tell Aaron how sorry he was. How he wished he could have been the brother he deserved and not the one he had come to loath, but as he began to feel his lungs burn, any thought of his brother was cut short as he opened his mouth and allowed the icy chill of water to rush in, engulfing his lungs, automatically he choked.

Through his fuzzy mind, he thought he heard the distant sound of a splash before everything went black and he knew no more.

Aaron stood outside of the small complex of the mercury state. A glass of bourbon held in his hand as he stared at the sunset that peeked over the mountains. Its beauty in the form of orange and fire red.

He felt a hand touch his shoulder and tilting his head he noticed it was Rosalina.

"You okay." She asked softly.

He sighed but didn't reply. What could he say? That his brother hated him and has for three-hundred years? The very knowledge that Daniel had all those emotions buried was disturbing to say the least. What other truths was he hiding?

He would never admit it but the words that were exchanged between them had effect on both brothers more than either led on. He could see the pain in his little brothers eyes but also the regret and guilt but at that moment Aaron's pride was pushed and he had pretty much indicated that he felt the same about Daniel, not caring how much of an effect it would have on him.

Rosalina moved so that she was in front of him. Her sky blue eyes staring into his hazel ones. "He didn't mean it, ya know."

Aaron shook his head. "I think he did. My brother and I, we never really seen eye to eye. It was always 'im better than you' between us. Like a competition, we were always at each others heels. Daniel is hot headed but he's also more sensitive then I." Aaron assured, his gaze had moved back up to the sky.

"Aaron, he's..."

"He's right. I was not there. He was on his own for two-hundred years. I hated him, or least I thought I did, so I left after Katrina died, the very night we found out who we were. Yet, I kept tabs on him, I was worried for him but I would never show it." He admitted tiredly.

Rosaline felt a pain in her chest, a feeling of pity for the two. "Does he know?" She asked.

He shook his head once more. "I never told him anything. Daniel didn't need to know. I was there for him without him knowing it. Helped when he didn't notice. He doesn't need to know I was there."

She smiled fondly at him. "You love him but he needs to know that because you may never get that chance someday."

He smiled warmly at her statement. "Your right, but," his sentence died off.

She scrunched her eyes in confusion. "What...what is it?"

Grunting, his hand flew up to his suddenly aching chest. In a split second Aarons eyes widened because this pain was not his own but his twins. It was intense as it filled his heart, not registering that Rosalina had put a hand on his back and the other firmly against his shoulder for support.

"Aaron? Are you alright?"

His whole body seemed to freeze when he heard his own voice, no Daniels voice, calling out from his mind.

I am so sorry, but its the only way to end the suffering.

"No. He can't. He wouldn't..." He whispered.

"He? Aaron...what's wrong?" She tried again.

His expression went from pained to shocked then unreadable but it was the emotion that was clear in his eyes that had her own panic rise as he whispered that one sentence, knowing the 'he' meant Daniel.

He didn't answer, his mind was completely on Daniel and what he was planning to do, and in a rush of panic ran forward towards the forest and away from Rosalina as she called out his name but he didn't care. There was only one person at that moment that he needed to see.

It took him awhile to find his brother and when he did it was a sight he never wished to see. Daniel was standing in the middle of a river, intentions clear, and looking straight at him with sorrow filled orbs that mirrored his own and he found himself calling out to him.


Daniels voice echoed once again in his thoughts and it made his heart seem to stop.

Its for the best, brother.

Like hell it is, he thought angrily, but before he could yell anything else, Daniel disappeared under water and out of sight.

"No!" He yelled, he would not let his brother die.

He ran out into the freezing water and didn't slow down until he was standing in the spot Daniel was moments ago before diving down. There was a drop off at the exact spot and he saw Daniel floating down, getting farther and farther away from him and he found himself reaching forward, desperate to grab a hold of his brother and pull him back to safety. It was then he noticed Daniels jaw was slack.

It only made his attempts to grab Daniel that much desperate.

It felt like forever before he managed to get a firm grip on Daniels arm and pull him to his chest. He kept a tight hold on him as he kicked back up and he breathed in a lung full of air as he broke to the surface. Daniels head was above the water but Aaron didn't need to look at his chest to know it was unmoving.

He dragged his unconscious brother back on land and laid him down on the ground, already positioning himself to perform CPR.

"Daniel, do not do this to me, you hear me?!" He yelled frantically before starting the repercussions.


He tilted his head back and pinched the bridge of Daniels nose and put his mouth over his, giving him air that his lungs were in need of, breathing for him.

"Daniel, come on!" He encouraged after pulling back.


A sudden fit of coughs made Aaron flinch as Daniels body suddenly jerked but he immediately turned him over on his side to spit out the water, a hand placed on his shoulder. Aaron could feel the small tremors that wracked Daniels small frame and his skin which was ice replaced his usual warmth .

"Its okay. I got ya." He comforted his distressed sibling.

Daniel continued to cough for what seemed like hours but was really more like a minute. His eyes fluttered open and his chest felt as if it was on fire as he tried to get into a setting position.

Aaron helped him to set up. "Woah. Easy." His voice held concern but it quickly turned to anger. "What the hell were you thinking!"

Daniel flinched at the tone but sighed. He was hoping his brother would not have came and rescued him from death. He had failed in ridding himself of this world.


"Don't. Just don't. What if I hadn't came in time? You may be a vampire but your also a werewolf. You can actually die." Aaron scolded him but Daniel did not raise his eyes to look at him and he added in a low voice, "But that was your intention. Why..."

Daniel turned his head slightly before looking at his twin. "You hate me and just that. I've done things that can never be forgiven or forgotten. Said things, to you, I can't take back" he admitted honestly.

Aaron's eyes turned hard and in a second grabbed Daniel's soaked arms and brought him in a strong embrace, ignoring the way Daniel tensed at the unexpected touch. "I don not hate you, little brother."

"I'm only fifteen minutes younger than you." He mumbled, hating the way Aaron saw him as the 'little' sibling.

Aaron rolled his eyes at the comment but tightened his arms around him. "Point is, we have both done things, killed people. Those are lives that will be forever lost by our hands but we learned Daniel. We grew to live without hurting people. Remember?"

Daniel relaxed in his brothers hold. He did remember.

"1718, little brother. The day I left but remember what happened before then?" He added, trying to engage the memories deep within Daniel's mind.

"Our sisters death..."

Aaron nodded.

The image of his sister laying dead on the ground would forever haunt his dreams. It was then that neither brother knew of who, what, they were. Only that their sister was sprawled out with blood pooling underneath her from fatal wounds and it was obvious how they got there, or so Aaron had thought.

Daniel had blood coating his usual pink lips and his eyes were black with bright blue orbs in their wake, replacing the hazel ones they both shared. A look of pure fear etched across his features as he stared at the body of Katrina Argentine before eyes fell upon him.

He remembered the pain in those eyes. The lost little boy who did not know what happened and rather than comfort his young sibling, he shunned him away. Blaming him for the death of their beloved sister and ran. Leaving Daniel behind without another glance back and leaving him to pay for what he had done.

Only they were mislead and his brother was not Katrina's murderer, not like he had believed.

"Yes. That was the day I never thought of you as my brother yet, I was always there. Think, 1867." Aaron's words were gentle.

Daniel closed his eyes and willed the foggy thoughts of that date to come back to him.

"London. The ball of maidens." He whispered.

"Somehow we both ended up there. I had my reasons and im sure you had yours. I heard of a group of vampires that were the founders of the ball, out of boredom, I wanted to check it out." Aaron smirked.

"I was in town at the time. I never been to a ball so I thought maybe that needed to change." Daniel admitted, pulling away from his brother but not taking his eyes off his.

Aaron was not expecting Daniel to be there. Sure, he took tabs on him over the long years to ensure he was alive but at that time he had not checked where is brothers hereabouts were and to see him at the ball, dancing with one of the maidens, was a surprise all in itself but he could not help the loathing he felt towards Daniel and he planned to make that feeling of hatred known but that changed when he found out just how much trouble his brother was going to find himself in.

[1867 Maidens Ball, London]

Daniel held the fair maidens waist with on hand and guided her hand with the other as he slowly moved with her on the dance floor. Her steps were in sync with his own as she allowed him to lead her.

Her eyes were like green moss, shinning brightly with the lights that surrounded them. Her long black hair was left down, not like the other women of that time, as it swayed with the movements. He was captivated by the beauty she gave off and the whitened smile she gave him.

"I did not know your were such a graceful dancer." She said sweetly.

He grinned. "Neither did I but I assure you, this is my first dance. So im trying to make a good first impression. So what might one call such a beautiful pearl as yourself?"

Her smile widened and she raised up till her mouth was near his ear and, in seductive voice, whispered, "One may call me Amelia Saintmore."

He met her gaze as she pulled back and added, "By what name does one as yourself go by."

"Daniel, Daniel Argentine." He answered easily.

Her hand went to rest against his skin on his cheek. "Well, Daniel. I must go. Thank you for such a wonderful dance. May our paths cross again." She placed a soft kiss to his lips.

"Yes. May we meet again." He agreed with a smile.

She turned around and walked off, only disappearing when she spared the young man one final glance.

"Well, it seems your charm works wonders." A voice called from behind him and he didn't have to turn to face the source as he knew who would greet him.

"Aaron. What brings you to London." Daniel asked casually.

"What? A man can't enjoy a simple ball without his brother wondering why he is there? Come, Daniel, im here to have a good time." Aaron placed a hand to his shoulder and squeezed but his next words were anything but comforting, "So, I suggest you stay far out of my sight or there might be a body count with your name on it."

Daniel was not phased by the threat Aaron put out but there was a part of him that knew Aaron would do well to uphold it.

He slowly turned to face his twin. They may have looked alike but they were in no way the same. They had different hair styles as well as taste in wear and their personalities also had nothing in common. The only thing the brothers shared were looks and the love for basketball.

"Aaron, please. Not here." He begged.

Aaron smiled with fake innocence. "What? Its up to you whether or not you become this towns number one priority. Play nice and nothing happens." With that he walked past Daniel, his shoulder intentionally hitting his as he did so.

Daniel shook his head but went in the other direction.

The ball lasted for hours in which Daniel found himself wondering about Aaron and how ironic that he would have ran to him here of all places. He was sure that night was the last he would ever see of him and in a way he's glad it was not. A brothers bond is stronger than any grudge, or so he told him self over the years. To think that they lost that bond was unbearable because growing up they had been close. They did everything together, whether it was swimming behind their home or playing basketball on a cool day. At least, that's what they called it now a days. Basketball. A round object they found pleasure in tossing through another circular object. It was strange but at the same time enjoyable.

He set across the from the dance floor with a shot of bourbon in his hand as he watched the men and women dancing to the music. He felt oddly out of place considering it was his first actual outing.

"Excuse me sir, but, there is a fellow outside saying that he knows you and is requesting your presence." A man with a butlers wear walked up to him and said.

Daniel looked at him strangely. They had never been introduced and he was sure he did not know anyone from the party but all the same, he respectfully nodded, and stood up to follow the man out of the room and outside, unknowingly being observed by Aaron from the large stair case.

The butler waited till Daniel was out before going back in and shutting the door.

"Hey, wait." Daniel started to say but his sentence died when the door made a soft click.

It was then he noticed the man led him outback and he started to get the feeling that he made a mistake in following him. He grabbed the handle and found that it was locked, warning bells began to chime in his head but it was the movement sounding behind him that made it clear that he was purposely brought out there for some reason and it can't be anything good.

He slowly turned around and was met by three men, each with their arms folded across their chest.

"Well. I knew I would find you. Well, someone of your bloodline. Argentine." The man in the middle proclaimed.

Daniel rose a brow in curiosity, looking calm, he said, "You know my name. How."

The middle man stepped forward, the other two hung back, his posture was threateningly intimidating. As if he was used to ganging up on people.

"Personally, no. Just your bloodline. I wasn't sure at first. You see, the Argentine line ended back in 1700, not sure the exact date, am I right? Well at least all except two." He pointed a finger at Daniel, "You and your brother right? Oh yes, we know all about the tragedy that struck that night."

Daniel tensed. It had always been a sore subject to bring up the past. It was not exactly pure and to think it was some kind of amusement to others made his anger start to rise and his blood begin to boil.

He spat out angrily, "You know nothing!"

"Oh?" The man circled him, like a predator playing with its prey. "So the death of Katrina Argentine was a lie? How she died, and the only one that was there was you? In so, your brother, what was his name," he sighed before snapping his fingers in remembrance, "Aaron, that's it, came to loath your very existence and what about the parents..."

Daniel swung out, his anger boiled over and all he saw was red but the guy was ready for it as he easily blocked the punch and kicked out, making contact with Daniels mid-section and causing him to gasp. Daniel bent in on himself as the pain pulsated through his body but his attacker did not stop and punched him in the side of the face. Daniel went down hard and coughed.

The man shook his hand as if punching the boy actually hurt. "We know enough. Your a half breed. Its disgusting, what you are. Yet fascinating at the same time."

Daniel looked up at him with pure hatred but his eyes widened when he saw that one of the men who had been silent grabbed a metal pipe that someone had carelessly threw down on the ground and handed it to their leader. He took it without looking at his men and raised it up to slam it down in his palm.

"Vampires heal. So do werewolves. Vampires could live even if their neck was broke. Werewolves, however, die. I have always wondered how that works when both species run through ones vains. Then again, your species is rare. Not many of them around. I bet," he stopped talking long enough to squat down in front of Daniel, "That you don't even know where your bloodline started."

Daniel flinched at the sound of the pipe hitting the mans hand. Truth was, he did not. He never questioned his ties to the Argentine line or how he came to be one of the rarest species on earth. A breed that should have been extinct years back. He had no reason to.

"No." He answered firmly.

He smirked and stood back up. "Sad isn't it, boys?" He called back to his followers.

They answered with laughter.

"You don't belong in this world!" He spat before bringing the pipe down to connect with Daniels shoulder.

His scream filled the night air.

Aaron watched curiously as his brother left the room but a part of him was uneasy as the house's butler led him out. He could have easily overheard the conversation but why should he care. He was not Daniel's keeper.

Instead he walked downstairs and to the middle of the dance floor. A young women eyed him as he made his way swiftly through the crowd, his gaze holding hers until he was right in front of her.

He stuck his hand out, "Care to dance?" He asked cockily.

She answered, "How about a drink first?"

Playing hard to get, he thought amused.

"My pleasure, my lady." He played along.

Aaron turned around in time to see the butler from before coming back into the ball room. His brows came together in slight confusion when he did not see Daniel.

He walked over to him and easily got his attention by grabbing his shoulder and turning him around to face him. "Where is the young man you were with a minute ago." He asked bluntly.

"Pardon me but I do not know who you are referring to." He answered in a calm, almost confused, voice.

It took a moment for him to realize that the man was stating the truth and he let him go. "My apologies."

The butler looked at him strangely before walking off.

Aaron closed his eyes and listened. The butler did not know for the simple fact he was compelled not to remember. That alone proved that vampires were here and for some reason wanted Daniel. He already knew they were attending the ball but he was unsure of who they were and did not expect then to make an appearance but going after his family was the wrong decision to make.

He did hold hate towards Daniel but he did not wish him hurt or worse, dead. It was one of those mixed feelings that he could not explain but he would never forgive his brother for the death of their sister. That was certain but he could not fully dislike Daniel enough to kill him himself, either.

So he listened until he heard a voice much to deep to be Daniels and the words were fuzzy until they cleared out and he heard them clearly and what was being said made his hand curl into a fist and his teeth clench.

This guy, was making accusations, well as true as they were, and it made everyone bone in his body tense with anger but it was the scream that made his body move. He knew that guy-wrenching scream anywhere and he bit back a growl at the pain he knew caused his brother to yell like that and ran towards the back door and towards Daniel.

Daniel's breathing hitched with every desperate breath he took. The pipe came down once more on his chest and he heard, more than felt, the snap of bones, indicating that the pipe hit its target and broke his ribs. He felt blood drip down from his lips. And the thought of internal bleeding came to mind.

His body ached with every hit to it and he lay on his back, unable to stop the attacks or move to at least block them.

The guy dropped the pipe and it clattered as it hit the ground. Daniels eyes were half slits as he waited for death he knew was about to greet him.

Aaron. Aaron was also at the ball and he wondered where his brother was and if maybe his death would actually mean something to him or if it would be exactly what he needed. He hated him after all and that fact assured him that death would not be so bad and, the arms that were clutching his chest fell to rest on the ground, an open invitation to finish him off.

The guy snickered. "See. You know you need to die and ill be the one to deliver you to hell but don't worry, it'll be quick."

Daniel closed his eyes and with a ragged breath said, "Do it."

He waited for the guy to send him to the afterlife as he laid still but he was not expecting a new voice to say, "You do not hold his life and it will be I who will be delivering someone to hell, my friend. You have already made your bed when you hurt him, you scum."

If he could, he would have flinched at the coldness of the voice. It sounded familiar to him, like home but he could not make out who it belonged to because the pain was unbearable and he easily succumbed to darkness, his head falling to the side, unable to hold on to reality any longer.

He did not know what to expect when he made it to the back ally. He was frightened that he would find Daniel dead and left to rot in the street but as he rounded the corner he saw that his brother was very much alive, if only barely, laying on his back with three guys standing before him , the bigger of the three loomed over him before raising back up after saying one last thing to him.

He did not know what angered him more. The man that promised to end his life with little pain or the utter defeat in Daniels voice that said, "Do it," with arms wide open.

He could tell that by the sound of it Daniels ribs were broken but what concerned him was the blood running out of his mouth and down his chin. The signs of internal bleeding. To be half breeds, they did not act like your normal vampire or werewolf. There limitations were unknown even to them.

He stood before them. Eyes casting over his brothers broken body. Daniel was aware by no fully and though he felt panic when Daniel's head rolled lifelessly to the side, he was also glad because there was no doubt he was in some serious pain. He raised his gaze back to the guy that had done the damage to his brother.

"You're going to pay for touching him." Aaron assured lowly but threateningly.

The guy just laughed but then he looked closely at the new comer and at the unconscious boy on the ground and saw the resemblance. They looked exactly alike and his expression changed. "Who are you?" He asked, knowing the answer already.

Aaron cracked his neck to the side as it popped, eyes closed, as he did it to the other side before his head lowered and a low growl was forced from his throat.

"The Argentine's Bloodline concerns no one but the ones who hold its blood. There's more to the story than you think you know." Aaron said, lifting his head up slowly and when he opened his eyes they were no longer dirt brown but black and blue. "My name is Aaron Argentine and that is my brother." He roared.

His canine teeth bared as he howled up to the night sky and all his instinct of a wild animal kicked in and he charged the men who dared hurt his brother.

All eyes went wide at the realization that both brothers were there and they took off in a run for their lives but Aaron was faster than mere vampires and easily jumped into the air to land in front of them. His hand reached out and grabbed one of them by the neck and with a single motion, snapped it, doing the same to the other one.

The leader backed up. "Your THE Aaron Argentine...I have heard stories about you. Please, we did not know you would be here!"

Aaron stared at him in disbelief. "That gives you the right to kill him? Wrong choice of words." He let out a growl before lunging into the air and knocking the man down.

He grabbed the metal pipe that had been used to beat his brother and looked at it in disgust before bringing it up and slamming it down onto the vampire's shoulder. Enjoying the scream that tore from his throat.

"You'll feel ever bit of pain you inflicted on my brother." He assured and brought the pipe up to hit the cowering vampire before him.

He continued to beat him until he was unconscious and dropped the now bloody pipe.

His eyes fell on the still form of Daniel and he walked over to him. Bending down, he carefully turned his head to the side and towards him. Daniel's face looked to be untouched except the red mark that shined on his cheek and his neck seemed un-damaged but as he scanned his chest he knew that was where all the damage was done and he gently probed the area. Definitely broken ribs, he thought.

Daniel moaned at the touch but did not wake up and Aaron froze at the movement but quickly started accessing him once more. His shoulder was popped out of place but other than that he had no farther injuries.

He all to gently wrapped one arm around his twins shoulder and the other under his legs and lifted him up. Daniels head fell back and hung, mouth slightly open.

"You'll be fine, little brother." He silently promised his unconscious sibling.

He would come back later to burn the worthless vampires but right now only Daniel mattered.


Daniel's lungs were on fire. He had never drowned and he thought he knew what to expect but then again that's only of he had succeeded but he was now questioning that as he stared at Aaron and the story he just told.

"You, you rescued me?" He asked, sounding like a small child.

Aaron nodded. "I don't hate you Daniel. Never really did. I watched out for you from the shadows but that night, you almost died."

Daniel shook his head. Aaron did not hate him. He even saved him but he still could not understand why. "Why?"

"Why?" He quoted, confused.

"Why save me! If you would have just let them kill me then..."

Before he could finish, Aaron growled in warning, eyes no longer brown as he stared at him. "Don't finish that sentence."

Daniel backed down and turned his head away. Knowing that he never could get his brother to understand anything.

"Your my brother, Daniel. That's why and if you ever try that again, I will personally lock you in a room chained to a wall so that you can't try it again." His voice held no argument and was completely serious.

Daniel sighed but nodded in understanding. "I'm sorry..."

Aaron wrapped his arms around his shoulders for comfort. "Don't be. Were going to be okay. I promise."

Daniel did not know if he believed that or not but he would always hold on to hope now that he knew Aaron never hated him. At least not fully.

They set on the bank for what seemed like hours before Daniel broke through the silence. "Thank you."

Aaron looked at him in surprise but gave him a small smile. "Anytime, brother. Anytime."

This was just the prologue. The actual story will be posted all the same. If you are interested in this than please read this so you will understand.

Daniel and Aaron are WEREVAMPS.

Half vampire, half werewolf with the advantages of both. My story is a bit different though. They have pure BLACK eyes with BLUE orbs when they turn just like the picture on here.

Extreme strength. Like both species, extremely fast. But they ARE NOT immortal. That being said, something in their past is the reason for that which will be in this story.

As you would guess their sister was killed and Aaron blamed Daniel. In the later chapters you will know what really happened because this past was a prologue so you'll know why their relationship might be so sketchy.

But then again it could be something else *hint hint* haha

So hopefully you'll stick around and read this.


Chapters will be updated daily if nothing comes up. Anyway enough of my talking so I hope you guys enjoy The Argentine Chronicles!

The End

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