Typical Fight Scene

The girl's footsteps echoed quietly off of the walls that she passed. It was midnight, and she was brave for coming out so late. Especially in a city like San Francisco.

Suddenly, a hand reached out from the shadows and grabbed her shoulder. Before she could scream, another hand reached out and covered her mouth. Both hands then dragged the helpess girl into the darkness. You could hear the rustling of clothes as the hands struggled to remove them from the body.

She knew she had made a grave mistake, but it was too late.

Suddenly, another hand came out of the darkness. This one, however, was different. It was her rescuer's hand. A fist. The fist smacked right into the attacker's jaw. The attacker sprawled onto the ground, then used the wall to pull himself to his feet. The two men faced each other.

The girl recognized her savior. It was her boyfriend, Zack. Zack shifted his eyes to her for a moment. "Call 911!" he yelled. Just then, the attacker lunged. Zack barely moved aside from the blow. He then brought his fist up into the man's chest, which launched him up into the air. He brought back his foot and then hurdled it into the man's nose. There was a cracking sound, and the attacker grabbed his nose in pain. Zack then jumped into the air and kicked the man in the chest. The attacker crumbled to the ground, looking helpless.

But he wasn't.

 The attacker leaped to his feet and flashed out a knife. It was small, but obviously sharp enough to cut through Zack's skin like butter. The attacker swung the knife around as if it was a sheet of paper. Zack eyed the knife carefully, then eyed his girlfriend, who was now watching the fight from the other end of the alley, phone to her ear. Zack grinned quickly, but then it vanished. The attacker swung the knife towards Zack left arm. Zack spun to his left, but the knife made contact. It sliced through the jacket and straight into his upper arm. Zack moaned in pain. He grabbed onto the flesh wound and squeezed it. The attacker brought back his hand, preparing for another swing. The next one could be deadly. Zack anticipated a right swing, so he ducked to the left. A good move. The attacker missed completely. Zack slammed his leg into the attacker's stomach, then proceeded to punch him across the face. The attacker's blood launched from his nose and grafittied the wall.

The attacker tried to stay conscious, but he was obviously becoming very tired. Then, he struck again. He threw the knife like a ninja star straight at Zack. Zack didn't have time to dodge. The knife stabbed right into his chest. Zack screamed loudly then collapsed onto his stomach, which pushed the blade even deeper into his flesh. Zack's girlfriend screamed.

Just then, the sounds of sirens hit their ears. Police cars began pulling up all around the building. She knew she was safe, but what about Zack?

The attacker eyed Zack carefully, then smiled. Satisfied, he allowed himself to pass out. He collapsed.

The girl ran to Zack's side and pushed him onto his back. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"Are you?" he asked.

"Yes, of course I am!"

"Then so am I," he said with a groan.

Policemen flooded into the alley and immediately put Zack on a stretcher. As they rolled him away, a policeman picked up the unconscious attacker and began dragging him into a police car.

The End

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