Chapter 1- Strategic Mission

I glared at the clouds that surrounded me with the amber eyes of a hawk, remaining completley still as the cool breeze ruffled my feathers. Positioned on the cloud I had a veiw of everyhting, even as far as earth. Spreading my magnificent wings to their full span I dropped down lightly from the cloud and beat my extra appendages. The wings were my proudest feature and, with a length of 5m from tip to tip, they were considered big, even by angel standards. But I was no ordinary angel. I was the apprentice to Archangel Cassiel, and I would be granted wings much larger and more beautiful when my apprenticeship was completed.

I was one with the wind, unfurling my wings and propelling myself forward with speed. Below me the blurred outline of fields and towns blended into one faint colour of green. No one could see me this far up, and anyone close would see me as nothing more than a bird.

A wispy cloud shifted to the right, just inside my vision. I spun around to confront whoever it was that had disturbed me, but found that I was completely alone. Somehow i knew better. Mounting a cloud catiously I kept my eyes fixed on the myesteriously moving cloud. I knew for certain it was not the wind, as the breeze that refreshed me was barely enough to suspend a detached feather.

All at once a shapeless form whipped towards me and barrelled into me at a tremendous speed. My body was jarred and, if I was human my ribs would have cracked, but angels feel no pain. Tumbling throuhg the air, wrapped around my attacker, I considered lashing out. The two of us smashed into a cloud suddenly. The impact separated us and i could finally set my stare upon the face of the assailant.

"Cassiel, sir, you surprised me!" I gasped to see the face of my master.

"If that had been a demon attack you would be dead. You need to concentrate, boy" Cassiel ordered sternly.

The End

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