The Archangel's Apprentice

Ethan was killed when he was 17 but, because he saved countless other lives, he becomes an angel in heaven and the apprentice to Archangel Cassiel. However, before he can rest in peace, his master has one final task for him to complete, sending him back to earth.

I was seventeen years old when I was murdered on the morning of the 23rd of march 2012. I was shot in the head and was killed instantly by the small calibre bullet, fired from the pistol held by the violent criminal attempting to rob a bank. I had often asked myself, after that fateful day, why had I involved myself in matters clearly beyond my control? Me and my mother had been visiting the bank that morning, the exact time the killer decided to strom throuhg the doors, a ski mask covering his face, a brown sack hanging limply from his shoulder and a gun pointed in the general direction of innocent people. My mother pushed me rouhgly down on to the floor as everybody around me started to scream hysterically. I could see by the man's sturdy frame, and the constant position he kept hos body in, that he was confident in what he was doing, and he wasn't afraid of killing anyone if necesary.

"Get down on the floor now!" he bellowed, his hoarse tone echoing through the building. Everyone except my mother bowed down onto their knees, almost as if praying to this disgusting man. The would-be-robber stalked over to my mother and smacked the handle of his pistol into the back of her head. I could hear the sound of her skull cracking as metal met bone, but I was aware that she wasn't severley injured. She lay sobbing on the floor, hands sheilding her face defiantly.

Anger bubbled up inside of me, threatening to spill over. I couldn't stop my enraged form from hauling myself up onto my feet and facing the man, who now had his back turned to us.

"Don't hit my mother" I seethed.

He didn't say anyhting, he didn't even acknowledge I had spoken to him. My face was red and my knuckles were white where I had been grasping them into tightly-packed fists. Advancing on him was a terribly dangerous idea, I can see that now. But I braced my arms on his shoulders and prepared to shove him forward and tackle the gun from his hand when he rotated around quickly. His finger rested on the trigger and the barrell was in my face, aimed at my forehead.

A single shot rang out and my blood was spattered across the floor. I was dead before my body had slumped to the floor. But the criminal was shocked by his actions, tkane aback by the fact he had killed a teenager. The moment of distraction was the fatal one for him, and police officers stampeded in and apprehended him. I was already dead, they were too late.

I left my body, an invisible spirit, and as I flitted up towards the sky, I saw my mother bent over my lifeless corpse. I couldn't see my face for blood. I knew it wouldn't be pretty as I had been shot point blank, and I had expected for half of my face to be blown away.

I floated to heaven, through the clouds and past the shimmering glare of the sun. Sadness gripped me and ripped me apart inside. I thought that maybe I would float forever, never reaching my destination until the end of time. But I was wrong and a huge golden gate appreared from thin air, resting on a cloud.

"Welcome, you must be Ethan" a voice belonging to no one in particular boomed "please come in"

The gate creaked open and I stepped in tentatively.

I was in heaven.

The End

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