Once upon a time, in the city of Appletown riots broke out.

Bottles ,bricks and stones were thrown, and in one incident a policeman's head was knocked off by a gang of hooligans, who then got hold of it and chucked it through a window. The yobs then picked up the head which they took from a policeman and kicked it down the street.

In turn other yobs grabbed hold of their victims and they too knocked their heads off, leaving them headless.

All hell broke loose as gangs of youths made off with a load of human heads which they took from their victims and played football with them.

'Fancy playing football with a human head. That's what the troublemakers did as they knocked loads of peoples' blocks off.

Kicking heads down streets and all over the place, then chucking them through windows became the pastime of these yobbos.

Not only that, loads of buildings were torched by chucking firebombs tucked inside human heads through the windows, which the yobs wrenched off from their victims, who could not defend themselves because they were left without their heads.

Of course you wouldn't expect people to defend themselves when they've got no heads on their bodies.

Of course no one in their right mind would knock off other peoples' heads and play football with them.

Anyone who steal's a man's head is a coward.

Even bombs started rioting for they threw themselves at each other, and lamp posts started to fight, even kicking policemen about.

Even the town park joined in the rioting, for it flew round the town.

In the end a number of arrests were made.

Yobs were muzzled and slung in cages hung from lamp posts so anyone could see what scum they were - the first yob zoo to exist

in the British Isles.

Arrests that were made included the town park which got arrested for flying around the town.

The End

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