The Applecart

Just something i made up.

And so here I am a billion light years from your arms, and even farther from your lips and what your eyes once held for me. These five years have fled and fizzled and is nothing more than what lies beneath our feet, whatever it is that we trod on ever so lightly. The apple cart is more than upset- it has rolled down the bank, crashing into the boulders and rocks and is now left in pieces at the bottom of the gully. I haven’t the heart to go down with it or even to examine it’s pieces and you haven’t the interest.  Your back turns, you retreat into the safety of your dark, dank walls and there is nothing left for me to do but leave, continue down the highway that leads me home, knowing full well that home has always been temporary. It will always be. But that’s okay because I crave this highway and I will memorize every pathway and every stone in the road just in case I have to follow this path again. I have the crows for company, the sun for warmth, the rain for water and a pocket full of treasures. Your money has always been my poverty but I see freedom down that highway and riches your heart may never know.

The End

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