The Apple of Her Eye

Frankly, Adam's had enough of all this tomfoolery. Eve can just about say the same.

“Hi, Adam!”

“Hello, Eve.”

The Man was sitting atop a large rock (which he possessively referred to as “The Boulder”) in the middle of the clearing that he and Eve called home. Instantly when walking into their sun-sprinkled domain, Eve was aware of something awry.

“How was your day?” She tentatively inquired.

“Good, good,” Adam said in a tone that didn’t match his words. His eyebrows realigned themselves like caterpillars. “And yours?”

Eve felt her cheeks burn and stared at the green grass of the clearing. “Fine.”

"Ah,” Adam sounded disappointed. He repositioned himself atop the boulder, staring down at Eve. “What were you up to?”

She avoided eye contact. “You know. The usual.”

“Down by the lake, then.” She nodded firmly.


“Funny.” Adam’s eyes glinted. “I was down by the lake."

Eve abruptly felt her stomach undergo a dropping sensation. “Well I didn’t see you—”

“I didn’t see you either.”

“I left just after the bullfrogs finished harmonizing.”

“Were the Lion and the Lamb with you?”

Eve ran a hand over the nape of her neck. “No, I think they wanted,” she coughed, “Alone time.”

“Unlike some people.”

Eve sighed, aggravated. “Adam—”

“You make things harder by lying to me, you know.”

Eve stamped her foot. “Look, Adam, it isn’t--" 

“Any of my business?” Adam rose to his full height. Atop the boulder he was towering over the already petite woman. “Don’t you dare say it isn’t any of my business.” He clenched his jaw. “I don’t like him.”

Exasperated, Eve quickly replied, “Yeah, you’ve made that very clear, Adam. But Lu—”

“The Snake,” Adam corrected, tired of making this particular connection. “It’s the Snake. Call it what it is, Eve.”

“Lucifer,” Eve continued, if only to spite him, “Doesn’t deserve all of your suspicions.”

Adam swallowed his consternation. “Oh, really." 


Adam ran an index finger over his ribcage, which he did often when the two were fighting. “Enlighten me.”

“Eve cleared her throat. “He’s really sweet, and charming, and—”

“If you say polite, you’ll have bluffed too much."

Eve groaned. “Well, he’s sweet and he’s charming, anyway. And he promised to bring me a gift the next time we meet!"

“You’re not allowed to see him again.”

Eve paused.

“What did you say?”

“You heard me. I disallow it.”

Eve stood there as the two stared each other down, before turning and storming away from Adam.

“You aren’t in charge of me,” She muttered.



The End

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