"Here it is!" Alice called as she ran ahead, darting into a room just around the corner. "Come on you guys! Hurry up!" she called. But while the other two were catching up, Alice was making sure that everything was in its proper place. The altered Adam vial was set in the small recessed space on the front where Alice had drank the Adam that had awakened her latent plasmids and tonics. The small hypodermic needle was hidden in plane sight, sitting right next to the Gatherer's Garden on a table with a handful of other syringes that all varied in size, markings and colors.

Tenenbaum rounded the corner first, followed by Eleanor who was trying to undo the complicated locking system on the weaponized gloves. After a few moments of her struggling, the lethal leather and steel contraption clattered to the floor. "So much better, " Eleanor muttered to herself, though everyone around was still able to hear. There was no time to waste however, every second was precious. It was one of the few things that all three of the rooms occupants agreed on.

"We have no time for dawdling around like a bunch of incompetents, " Tenenbaum said in as polite a manner as she thought necessary. As Eleanor's attention was momentarily drawn to Tenenbaum, and vice-versa, Alice took the opportunity to lean against the table with all of the syringes spread out over its surface. "It didn't take them long to reach your craft, " Tenenbaum continued. "And without knowing exactly when they left, we can only guess when they'll make it back to the airlock."

Very carefully, Alice grabbed the prepared needle and began to slide it under her sleeve, and hoped that no one would notice what she was doing. And they didn't.

Eleanor was once more on task, though she didn't look very happy about it. She plunged a small needle into the vial of angry red Adam and filled it up to the top. She set the vial down, holding the syringe in front of her face. The grimace only grew darker as she placed the sharp tip against the vein on the inside of her left wrist. She gave a quick "God I hate needles, " then sunk the sliver of hollowed metal into her skin. She closed her eyes as she pushed down on the stopper, then gingerly removed the object. A small droplet of blood - or Adam, Alice couldn't tell - formed where the needle had been removed. But apparently Eleanor's healing abilities were even better retained than her own, as once she wiped away the red liquid there wasn't so much as a mark remaining.

Eleanor could tell immediately that something wasn't quite right. She couldn't put her finger on what it was, but she just didn't feel like she was all there anymore. It's probably sleep deprivation, she thought. I really should take... better care of... Her eyes felt heavy as she leaned against the machine that only moments ago, she'd taken Adam from. Maybe the Adam went bad or something... That'd be just my luck. But whether this was the case or not, she couldn't be sure, as the edges of her visions were fading to black as most coherent thought left her. "I don't feel very well, " Eleanor said in a monotone voice, then lost consciousness all together.

"Eleanor?" Just as predicted, Tenenbaum ran over to Eleanor's side, shaking her shoulders and trying to get the girl to wake up. Alice took her chance. "Eleanor, wake up! Wake up now! This is not the time for -" Tenenbaum stopped talking abruptly when she felt a sharp prick on the side of her arm, and instantly the world around her began to blur and spin. "What... is this?" she questioned nobody in particular. And then she toppled to the ground, out cold.

A smile once again played over Alice's lips. "Easy."


Eleanor blinked up at the ceiling, not really aware of anything. She just stared for a second without so much as a thought. Then, with a frustrated groan, my head feels like a Bouncer stepped on it. She tried to sit up, but this just made everything spin. I prefer laying down anyway. Unconsciousness quickly reclaimed her.

She awake a dozen times or more, though how many exactly and for how long she couldn't be sure. Her wandering, aimless gaze swept over Tenenbaum, laying in a heap beside her. But there was no one else. That's funny, she thought. I wonder where Alice went off to... Then, The Sisters! The sobering thought wasn't enough to snap her out of her stupor, but it did give her the motivation she needed to sit up. How long have I been out? she wondered. Then just as importantly, What happened? Her memory was a little fuzzy, and she couldn't quite remember what'd happened.

"T... Tenenbaum. Tenenbaum! Wake up!" Her heavy, trembling limbs didn't want to support her weight, but she crawled toward the woman still. "Wake up! Something's happened!"

"Ach mein verrückter Kopf... " she moaned, pressing her hands to her forehead.

"Tenenbaum! Get up!" Eleanor yelled. It was making even her own head feel like it was about to split in two, so the grunt of pain from the older woman was to be expected.

"Fräulein Lamb, lower your voice, and we will discuss this in the morning," Tenenbaum groaned. Eleanor wished she could.

"Get up now! The Sisters! Remember the Sisters!" That seemed to do the trick.

Tenenbaum rose to her feet so fast she just fell back over again. Her balance hadn't quite returned, and the combination of the spinning world and the pounding ache in her skull was making her sick. "What happened?" she asked, trying to keep herself at least in an upright position.

"I don't know," Eleanor said at first. "But, whatever happened... I think something's happened to Alice."

A still disoriented Tenenbaum cast her gaze around the room, to see for herself that the girl was nowhere to be seen. "Scheiße!"

The End

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