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Eleanor's heart was racing, her instincts wrestling with themselves. This was more Adam than any regular, run of the mill Splicer would have, and her first reaction had been to hide, preferably somewhere far away and poorly lit. Her second reaction, however, far outmatched the first. The Sisters! Where are they?

She took in a long, shaky breath, exhaling slowly. From that single breath, she could tell two things. One was that she hadn't missed them by much, maybe just mere minutes. The second was that it was no longer on board. Now wasn't the time to let her guard down, however. One super-charged Adam junky had somehow made it onto her ship, and left. But that didn't mean that they hadn't left behind some friends. She felt like she was being paranoid, but it was easy to come up with an excuse. Life in Rapture can do that to a person. I'm lucky to have escaped with my sanity!

The soft click of a pistol being primed sounded from behind her, but she knew without having to look that it was Tenenbaum causing the offending noise. "What are you waiting for?" she asked as she centered her sights on the middle of the door. "Go in. I'll cover you."

Without any hesitation, Eleanor tapped into her Eve once more, calling forth the tinniest dribble of Telekinesis she could, just enough to silently push the bolt open and hold the weight of the door as she nudged it forward to keep the hinges from squealing. "I'll sneak in first, see if someone's down there. If you hear anything, come down. If not, lets not go swinging guns around in front of children, alright?" She didn't wait for a reply, taking a step forward into the partially lit bridge. Images of her struggling mother played out before her eyes, as only hours ago she had gasped for her final breath in this very room. With a steadily deepening scowl she continued forward, pushing the memories from her thoughts and into the dark recesses of her mind as she descended a flight of stairs.

She saw something move out of the corner of her eye. She instantly bent at the knees and thrust her needle forward in a defensive manner, waiting for the sound of a gunshot or some large figure to break out in a run towards her. Neither fear came to fruition. She glowered at the corner for a moment, her heavy breathing sounding like it was amplified a thousand times. Of all the times I could have left my helmet behind, she thought to herself with no shortage of venom. She took another whiff of the air. Yes, there was definitely Adam coming from somewhere in that corner, she just couldn't see them.

A ball of fire appeared in the corner, seemingly bursting into existence from the air itself. It hovered for an instant as it grew in size, then it was sent flying right for Eleanor's head. She yelled as she jumped out of the way, and she felt the searing heat fly past her shoulder missing her cheek by mere inches. Now with flames of her own crackling in both fists, Eleanor tried to find her target so that she could interrogate them and burn them until they were nothing but ashes.

But what she saw was certainly not what she had expected. The blue and red inferno was twisting around and around like a snake trying to coil around itself, obscuring most of the figure behind it. But the few things Eleanor could tell were all she needed. They were short, much too short to be a Splicer. They had on a faded red dress with a bow just peeking out from behind them on either side. They were, without a doubt, a Sister.


Alice had watched as those things had come up out of the water. She had watched as they'd dragged away her Sisters, kicking and screaming, and then jumped back into the ocean. She had watched the red glow disappear deep in the sea. And now, she'd had enough. She screamed, a deep angry scream she didn't even know she was capable of, and launched volley after volley of scorching blue-red fireballs at her would be attacker. That was one thing she'd learned about them. They wouldn't fight back against force.

These creatures were fine with kicking, punching, biting, screaming, whatever the other Sisters were able to do. They still just shoved them in their cages and swam away. But when they tried to touch her, all they received was a blast of fire to the face. She'd thought they'd left, that they were were going to leave her alone. But now they were back. And this time, they weren't going to be leaving alive.

As her anger burned more ferociously, so did the flames flickering in the palms of her hand. Something was different with this monster though. When she'd been hit, she looked like she was about to strike back. She had a weapon of some sort on her arm, and nearly the same fire burning in her hand. It had shaken Alice's confidence, but like all the others, she wouldn't attack her back.

"You're not taking me!" she yelled as she sent twin streams of fire hurtling towards her target. The agile thing jumped out of the way, planting itself firmly on a wall, then kicked off and landed on the other side of the room. The creatures burning hands had disappeared, though there was something about them that Alice just couldn't quite put her finger on. Whatever it was, though, it didn't matter. With another yell, she sent another fireball flying from her left hand. The creature dodged in a similar manner, jumping out of the way and rolling along the floor until they came to a stop at the other end of the room.

I've got you! she thought. Before the creature could even get back to their feet, she sent another fireball flying. The creature jumped using their arms and legs, showing off an impressive amount of strength, but failed to realize what Alice was doing. The creature was already in midair wen she let loose a stream of fire, and there was no way for them to correct themselves. The fight had only taken 30 seconds.

Or so she thought. The figure landed with all the grace of a cat, the jet of flames never coming closer than arms length. Her shimmering hands were outstretched, and the fire seemed to be held back by an invisible force. Telekinesis!

It wouldn't matter though. They couldn't keep that up forever, and she had a feeling that if she pushed her fire a little harder she'd either break through the monster's shield or melt the steel under them. But when the thing had caught the stream of fire, it cast a flickering, pale glow over her helmetless face. Alice wondered for a moment how she hadn't noticed that the creature wasn't glowing the usual blood red. That curiosity made her look closer. And that closer look revealed something as well.

"Bi-... Big Sister?" Alice managed to squeak out. The raging fire in her hands flickered out, the stream dying with it. Eleanor's arms practically fell by her side as she released the telekinetic strain on them. The final flames dancing along Alice's palm dimmed to nothing, and for a moment they seemed perfectly normal. Then slowly a layer of ice began to form, frost flowing from her clenched fists like mist rolling off of a river.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Alice heard the swiftly approaching pounding of someone on the stairs, but it didn't matter to her anymore. Somehow, just seeing her Big Sister's face made her feel that everything would be ok again. The same way Mr. Bubbles made her feel.

The End

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