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Tenenbaum muttered something after a moment, but Eleanor couldn't be sure what she had said. She had long since started tuning the older woman out, but something about the way Tenenbaum had suddenly looked up told Eleanor that her words were once more meant to be understood. "Excuse me?" Eleanor asked.

"Show me, " Tenenbaum spoke louder. It was clear that there were many things racing their way through the woman's mind, but Eleanor didn't have a clue as to what they could be.

"Show you what?" Eleanor asked.

"The girls! I must see them!" Tenenbaum's voice rang through the small space.

Now Eleanor was starting to get angry. Why was she yelling? And why in the world did she suddenly have to see her Sisters so bad? I do still owe her, she thought grudgingly. I'll humor her. For the moment. "Fine, " Eleanor spoke. She managed to keep some of her voice free from of the swirling emotions in her head, but enough of the icy tone slipped through that anyone could tell she was less than pleased. "Just take my hand." As Eleanor spoke she extended an armored hand towards the tense doctor, already tapping into her Eve supplies and picturing the lifeboat in her mind.

Just as Tenenbaum's long fingers had encircled Eleanor's like a python squeezing the life from its prey, the Little Sister gasped and ran off to retrieve something from Eleanor's bedside table. "Wait! Big Sister! Don't you want your helmet?"

As the numb feeling that signaled the start of her teleportation began to crawl up her limbs, Eleanor could only smile at her. "No, I'll be back in just a minute. Why don't you hold on to it for me?" The glowing eyes of the Sister grew wider as she giggled excitedly. "Really?" she squealed in excitement.

"Uh huh, " Eleanor said, the infectious excitement widening her own smile. The Sister ran from the room, the large sphere already placed loosely over her far-too-little head. In the next instant, a chill ran up Eleanor's limbs, and she felt Tenenbaum's grip get tighter as she sucked in a breath. Then Eleanor was nothing once more.


With a mental sigh, as a physical one requires a physical form, Eleanor allowed the cold world to dull her overactive senses. The void sucked away her weariness like a sponge absorbed water, leaving her with a feeling of peace that was so hard to find. It was truly one of the only places she could ever relax, even if just for a moment. One of the only other places, she knew, had been by her father's side.

That's when the bleak blackness around her was forgotten, the images of that night springing to her mind. Every sense was filled. She could feel the cold of the air, the soft water droplets spattering against the back of her head as she removed her helmet. The sound of waves crashing against the hull was almost deafening. There was the taste of the salt saturated air, the smell of it mingling with the heavy musky scent of her father, a scent she loved even without her conditioning. The soft yellow glow of her father's visor was so dim, for a heart stopping moment she'd thought she was too late. "Father, " she gasped in little more than a tear choked sob.

He'd tried to raise a hand to touch her face, but he wasn't able to get it higher than a few inches off the ground. The sight of him, like that... It was the worst torment she'd ever experienced in her entire life. She grabbed his struggling hand in both her own, pulling his palm up to rest on her cheek. "Father, " Eleanor said. Even she could hear the desperation in her voice. "I..." Eleanor's voice cracked as a lone tear slid down her face. "I can save you, father." She held her needle up, poised to pierce his chest. It was exactly what her mother had always wanted, right? To take the memories of others, to try and make her perfect. To try and make her completely selfless. If her father wasn't those things, she asked herself, then who was?

That's when the heavy palm on her face slipped away, and batted the needle away from his chest. The tears flowed freely now mixing with the increasingly heavy rain as Eleanor looked down at him, the light growing dimmer as his life slipped farther away. "Why?" she asked. She knew there could be no response from him, but he wasn't who she was asking. "Why..." If she had been breathing before, she wouldn't have been now.

"I love you father!" She'd yelled, but he was already gone. His hand lay limp at his side, and the ever present glow of his helmet was replaced with impenetrable darkness. "This..." Eleanor seethed. "This is your fault." Images of her mother flashed before her eyes. Her mother's ever present gaze, starring down at her not as a human being, but as another test tube she was studying, taking careful notes of her reactions.

The black void returned to her, and for a moment Eleanor felt colder than the icy world around her. That feeling she had when she thought about her mother... Not even the void, in its seemingly infinite expanse, could hope to hold all of it.


The world returned all at once, sensation flowing through her in lazy pulses until it stabilized. She felt drained; she'd never teleported someone else before, and it was not something she looked forward to doing again. Her Eve had taken a pretty hard hit, but her energy was almost nonexistent. She wanted to just fall over and take a nap right there, but the anger still flowing through her veins seemed to be acting as a sort of steroid, keeping her active and alert for just a little longer.

"I assume they're below?" Tenenbaum asked as she scanned the deck, finding nothing.

"They're probably asleep, too, " Eleanor said, heading for the door to the bridge. She was about to ask Tenenbaum some questions, the first of which being "Is it really important enough to wake them?", when she caught a whiff of something. Instantly she crouched, her stance switching from annoyed to defensive, left hand shooting out to stop Tenenbaum while the retracted needle on her right shot forward, extending to its full length. She sniffed the air like a bloodhound, moving her head from side to side. "Something with Adam has been here, " Eleanor warned in a deathly calm voice. "Allot of it."

The End

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