Circus of Value!Mature

"You! Are! Going! DOWN!" Eleanor roared. In an instant she had once again appeared in front of a Big Daddy and its target, the vent, but she knew this time it wouldn't be stopping for her. She spread out her stance and aimed the needle straight forward, hoping the Daddy wouldn't be able to stop in time and its own momentum would impale it. To her surprise, the Big Daddy didn't even attempt to slow down. Instead he just revved his drilled and swatted the needle away, throwing her to the ground and trampling her in the process.

Getting stepped on by a Big Daddy is not something most people live to tell about. But Eleanor was not most people. She reached up and grabbed his leg as he was running, and the metal behemoth fell to the ground with the sounds of cracking glass and thunder. Rolling off his stomach and onto his back, the Little Sister having been sent flying when he tripped, he revved his drill and took a blind swipe at Eleanor, missing by a mile. The portholes on his helmet were cracked, the few closest to the center were missing entirely, giving her a clear view to the horrific face beneath.

It was slack jawed, with wires connecting directly into the back of his grey-ish blue, shaved, deformed head. Pipes as thick as her thumb were shoved into his neck, and that was only what she could see through the tiny space. It wasn't anything like what her father had looked like, the one time she'd seen him without his helmet. But, maybe that had been conditioning? Could they have done that? she wondered. Then, Of course they could!

She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the unhelpful direction her thoughts had taken, but the scowl wouldn't leave her so easily. The sound of footsteps behind her caused an immediate reaction. Turning around, needle raised, she saw Amir making a run for the door, and scrap of sharp metal held firmly in his grip. "Get 'er Daddy!"

The voice of the Little Sister was followed by a swift blow to the middle of Eleanor's back. She skid across the ground and debris, coming to a halt when her helmet slammed against the concrete wall. She laid against the wall in a daze, the hazy world seeming to spin around her, three Big Daddies looking down on her. Well... That could have gone better, she thought absently. Her world began to slip into darkness as the Big Daddy's light changed back to a calm yellow, and he helped the cheering Little Sister scurry up into the vent. "You're the best daddy ever, Mr. B! Wait until the girls hear about this!"


Alice had been literally frozen in place as spasm after spasm took hold of her stomach. Now the ice was weakening, a drop of water here or there was begining to form a small puddle under her palms. She tried to tug her hands free, hearing the ice groan and crack, but never giving. She was panicking, and no matter how she tried to calm herself, something else would bring her close to hysterics again. "Help!" she yelled. "I'm stuck!" Her voice again echoed in the empty halls, taunting her by throwing her own desperate voice back at her.

She thrashed around violently, but the ice was holding firm. "Welcome to the circus of value!" Alice screamed at the sudden noise. She turned her head to see another tarp, a glowing light underneath, though this time a light blue rather than pink. An obnoxious tune had begun to play, and then the thing started to laugh. At this point, she wasn't even entirely sure if she was awake or not.

Why won't this stupid ice break already! She tugged again and again, only succeeding in just barely setting off the motion sensor on the machine, making it play again and again. "Welcome to the- Welcome - Welcome to the circus of value!" Grunting and putting her whole body into her effort, she pulled and pulled and pulled, but still she couldn't break free. "Welcome to the -"

"Just shut up already!" Before Alice even knew what she was doing, the machine burst into flames, small boxes of ammo rolling out on fire, edibles and their wrappers going up in clouds of dark, noxious smoke. She starred in stunned silence for a moment, then turned her attention back to her hands. Wisps of blue tipped flames leisurely flickered from her fingertips, which she was happy to find were no longer frozen to the ground. But now the question was, how was she supposed to put it out?

She starred at it for another moment, then a loud ting rang out from a dent in the metal wall. Random ammunition started to fire off from inside their flaming packages, sending Alice jumping and screaming every time there was a loud pop. It took for a box of flaming grenades to catch her eye before she finally realized she need to get out of there, and then she ran faster than she thought she was capable of.


Eleanor was slowly coming to a short while later, Amir, the Big Daddy and Little Sister all long gone. Her injuries were mostly healed, though the throbbing pain in her head was threatening to split her skull open. "Look mama! She's waking up!" cried a double-toned, distinctly Little Sister voice. Eleanor tried to open her eyes, but a light directly over her made the simple act send the daggers of pain even deeper into her cranium.

"Well hurry up then, you know what to do, " a second voice, doubtlessly the 'mama' from before, addressed the first speaker. The sound of small feet slapping the hard ground was enough to make Eleanor groan. She just wanted to be asleep again, until the Adam had a chance to wash away the pain. "Wake now, child, " the second voice said. "We have much to discuss. First of which, you will be telling me why you would dare come back to Rapture." But all Eleanor could do was grimace, the demanding voice was even worse than the first.

The voice sighed, then the sound of slapping feet returned. "I've got it mama!" called out the first voice again. "Go on, you can give it to her. She's a friend." Eleanor tried to block everything out, and her perception of time wasn't quite right. But what seemed abort a minute later, she felt a small prick on her arm where her IV port was. From the prick, a warm tingly sensation spread out, slowly but surely.

"Now, " Tenenbaum started her line of questioning once more, the warm sensation soothing Eleanor's sore muscles. "Why are you here?"

The End

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