The Apocry Solution (BioShock Fanfic)Mature

Eleanor and the Little Sisters had left Rapture, but Rapture would never leave them. The sisters are all Eleanor has now, and when they become ill, she'd go to the ends of the earth to save them. But with the weight of her past, will it be enough?

Sunlight. It was real sunlight, after so long. Reflecting off the ocean, streaming through the clouds, warming her skin. It was real. It stung her eyes, but Eleanor wouldn't look away. After so long, she was free. Free at last. Free of Rapture, free of the darkness, free of her mother. But then why did she feel like she'd lost? Why did she feel so hollow inside?

A small hand entwined itself with hers, and looking down, she saw the innocence in the eyes of the sister that starred back at her, asking her without a word what was wrong. We saved them, she thought. So why does it feel like I'm a monster? But she knew why. She knew it, and what made it worse was that she didn't regret it.

She'd killed her mother. The woman who had given birth to her. She'd held her under the water as she struggled for air until she was finally still. But mother is the one responsible for this! She's responsible for my sisters, for torturing me my entire life, for father...

She looked down, the diving suit glistening as the suns rays struck the droplets of water that hadn't yet evaporated. There were countless dings from ballistics fire, gouges, even a few spots where it looked like it had been lit on fire. But none of that had even phased him. He'd charged through hordes of her mother's followers, taking their punishment and giving it back tenfold just to be together with her again.

But then mother did the one thing neither of us had counted on. Her gloved hand balled into a fist as she remembered the feeling of a pillow being pressed against her face. The feeling of betrayal at being suffocated by your own mother's hand is not something a person easily forgets. But worse even than that, as her heart was failing her and her strength gone, Eleanor realized what her mother was planning.

The moment her heart had stopped, her father's body would begin to shut down as the link between them severed. Her mother would revive her, but the harm done to her father would be irreparable. He'd held on, just long enough to see the sun rise. Then the light in his visor faded to black, as his final breath was passed through his unseen lips.

Eleanor felt her arm being tugged on lightly, she'd nearly forgotten that a sister was next to her. She'd nearly forgotten everything around her and allowed herself to dwell on the past when so much needed to happen now, and she was the only one left standing who could do it.

"Yes Cindy?" Eleanor asked. She tried to push so much sweetness into her voice as to be sickening, but it came out as barely more than a tear-choked sob.

"Mandy doesn't look like she's feeling well." Searching for the familiar face, Eleanor could see a young girl no older than six that had taken on a green hue and flinched every time a wave rocked the submersible. Eleanor actually managed a smile as she spoke again. "Thank you for telling me. Why don't you go play with the others and leave her to me?" And so, grin in place for doing her good deed, Cindy skipped off to join her sisters who all seemed a bit lost as to what they were supposed to be doing. More than a few were wondering where they should look for Adam in a place with no angels.

The physical conditioning is removed easily enough, but some of the mental conditioning will take time. It must be such a shock for them, really. It's all backwards. They were woken up from a good dream so that they could live in a nightmare. The shining ballrooms were wiped away, only to be replaced by the decaying hull of what can hardly still be called Rapture.

She kneeled down in front of Mandy, her thoughts tumbling around inside her head like a clothes drier. With a single finger Eleanor tilted the girl's head up to look at her. "Are you feeling ok, sweetheart?"

The sister promptly threw up, making Eleanor's already weak heart skip a beat. On the floor, on her suit, and dribbling down Mandy's chin, was blood.

The End

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