Oh my God. I was on clouds. I smiled in awe as heaven's big, gold gate shut behind me with a CLANG!!!

ALLELUIA!!!!! (Did I spell that right?)

"Yes, you did", said a voice that surprised me. I swooped around (if that is the correct word to use, since I have no earthly body that weighs me down.)

Who is this person?

"I am Raphael, the Archangel." He read my mind. Ok then...!?!? "We can read minds. The human bounds of body limitation and physics no longer apply to us. Welcome to heaven." Heaven was in the clouds, and it was just like in all of the stereotypes on earth. What the heck?! Gabriel laughed. Gotta remember to stop doing that. "Don't worry, child. This is only the start."

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. "It's ok, child. Nobody can speak in the beginning. Just think, and I will hear your thoughts. "  My body ( or rather, the absence of my body) felt liberating, but strange. This new body I had was weightless. "Ok, I need to take you to God. It's time."

Time for what? "To see his divine face, of course!" I grew tense and excited. I was about to be taken to the Creator of the Universe!

God Almighty!

The End

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