I have always been short...only a mere five feet tall. But as I stand there, three people -- er, munshkins -- reveal themselves from behind a wild bush. They reach my waist, if that.

"Wh-who are you?"

"We're here for you, April."

"But, who are you?!"

"Well, I'm Mac, and this is Emma, and Tillie."

"Um, hi...Mac, Emma, and, er, Tillie?"

"Hi, April," they all say in unison. Freaky. "So," I begin, "Where a -- " They interupt me in the middle of my sentence. "You're in heaven." What!!??

"But I thought I was in Oz."

The one known as Tillie answers. "Well, technically, we go by both names, you see -- " Mac shushes her. "Wait, you can't tell her yet."

Tell me what? I have a right to know? Where the hell am I?

"We told you," Mac says. "You are in heaven. And if you could please restrain from any foul language, that would be appreciated."

Whoa, he just completely read my mind....

"We can do that," Emma says with authority. "Always could, I guess you can call it a Gift from God."

This is so....strange.

"You'll get used to it. It is time. April, are you ready to meet God?"

That's when it all clicked in.....

I was going to meet the Wonderful Wizard of Oz...Holy crap.



The End

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