True Heaven

As I told you before, all I remembered was a sound and the rest was darkness. I looked about. I seeked someone to help me figure out why I'm here and if this was really happening. A billion figures roamed the clouds. They smiled. They hummed tunes together in harmony. They were beautiful. They wore white gowns and fluttered enormous sparkling wings. They smiled and giggled as they passed by me. I stared at my figure. I was just in a plain shirt and jeans. I was an outcast. I stood out in the crowd. I waited. I waited for something incredible. I couldn't be dead. This was not real. I just stood still waiting for someone to come and aid me.

A glistening figure came to my side. He looked at me. His face glew. He smiled. His smile almost blinded me. He had golden hair and golden skin. He wore a white robe with a golden sash. His feet were placed in sandals. His face wore an expression of happiness. He placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Welcome Jocelyn!" he said, his voice booming.

"How do you know my name and where am I?" I asked.

"Heaven," he said.

"No. This is not heaven. It's not. I can't be dead," I said.

"Well, sadly, you are. Josie_ I can call you that right? Anyway, you are in heaven. Actually, you do have to really enter. The angels will welcome you, daughter."


"I am not your biological father. I am your true father. The creator," he said.

"What are you talking about?"

"I am God. The Almighty."

"No offense... but yeah right!"

He smiled.

"I am. And you are about to enter the true heaven. True heaven indeed. You will be in peace there. All of your family members are waiting."

He stared at me as if he were waiting for me to respond.

"What?" I asked, "Am I supposed to say: 'May I have a tour? Of heaven? Please, Lord. I want to know about heaven and go to my family.'"

"Well I'm glad you asked. My angels are waiting."

A sudden burst of  wind pushed me toward gates. Golden gates. There a group of sparkling angels waited. They grabbed me, lifting me off a cloud. A creamy white dress replaced my clothes. The angels hands were warm. They took me to a desk where another angel was waiting. I was about to enter the true heaven. True happiness. For the first time since, I smiled. But then I realized something.

O my Lord in heaven... I'm dead.

The End

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