Angels in the Outfield

I feel like something out of that movie Angels In the Outfield. Becuase right infront of me is a baseball field, wide and green. The sand is completely untouched, smooth as a baby's bottom. I look to my left to see the beginnings of a forest. The only thing off is that I'm alone...completely and utterly alone. Everything's silent. Why?

I take one step forward and the field comes to life. There are people filling up the once dead bleachers, screaming at the top of their lungs, their faces are even painted. There are two teams in the dugouts, drinking water and eating sunflower seeds. The blue team is up at bat and the team in red is manning the outfield. I look down to see that I, too, am in a red uniform. This is crazy..

Number 5 hits the ball and it flies right at me. I instantly put my arm up to block my face and next thing I know...the ball's in my glove. I look down in amazement and here the crowd scream. Apparently, I just won the game.

I back up and watch as everything on the field slowly disappears, like a trigger or something. I even watch as my uniform fades away back to my jeans and t-shirt. Everything falls silient once again.

Then I hear a rustle from the forest. I turn, scared. Out comes four angels. I personaly feel the line "If you build it they will come" certainly applies here.

They continue over as the first one says, "That was quite a catch Daniel,"

"How...?" I begin as the second angel says to the first "He prefers Danny, don't you Danny?"


And so the conversation continues as so. The Angels introduce themselves as Roger (the first angel), Max (the second angel) and the other two are Samuel and Travis. They are "welcoming angels" it is their job to explain what has happened to people as the enter heaven.

What I now know is that I came to heaven, which is infact different for every person. For me, it is a baseball field - the sport I played at school. I was never any good, always in the dugout. My mother would always tell me that the coach would put me in soon. He never did.

I know that the field isn't my only heaven, just a part. And that there will be other people there too, but the field is my personal part of heaven. Everyone has one, it's God's gift to us, a private place we can go and no one else could. I like that.

I stand up and take one more look at my field and then turn to walk toward the forest. It finally begins to sink in.

I am dead.

The End

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