My Little Corner of the Universe

I am in blackness, in void.

I am nothing, nay, even LESS than nothing, because being nothing is being in a state in which you lack everything. But even then, you are not really nothing, because being nothing is a state itself. What are you? You are nothing. Therefore, you are something. However, if it was possible, I was even less than nothing. Because in order to become nothing, you had to be something before that. This was different. It was as if I had never existed.

THIS was death. No thoughts, no words. Nothing.

Then I jumped with a start. If I know that I am dead, then I really am not. You have to be alive to think about being dead. You also have to be alive to feel emotions. I reached out to pinch myself. I couldn't see in this chocking void of black that was evil. When I finally touched something, I realized with a start that this was my arm. It felt pearly smooth and cool to the touch.

Then, suddenly, a vision of night  swept around me as music started to play. I heard a deep, booming voice: "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" A sound of an enormous explosion erupted, and a light boomed in front of me.

This was no ordinary thing. This was God.

Here, I watched the events of hisory and my own life unfold. As the beautiful movie ended, I felt that time had never passed and that time passed so slowly. I thought, What is time? In heaven, time and space are nonexistent.

For the next three days, I was kept in an interrogation room. There were two doors behind the archangels' desk. I could hear the funeral going on down there.

"Name?" asked Gabriel in a loud voice. I grew frightened. "Oh, stop scaring the poor girl!" Michael playfully shoved Gabriel, while he retaliated and gabbed his wings and shook them hard. They laughed.

Michael. The name of both of my grandfathers.

What girl? I was a teenager already, going through all the ups and downs of *puberty* (shudder!) I was no girl by human standards. Out of nervousness, I put my hand to my face to bite my nails and saw that they were smooth, long, and shiny. I reached up to touch my face, and the familiar zits and blemishes were gone. I then realized, I am not a human anymore. We are all children of God.

I went to the door on the right after the three days were over. I was lucky, SUPER lucky: this was the gate to heaven. It was big and made of solid gold. Saint Peter guarded it, a big ring of keys attached to his belt. I saw three spirits glide right past the interrogations office and straight into heaven. "What?" "Oh, they are saints. Sinless. They go straight to heaven." He chuckled in that way that all Galileans do, and he opened the big gate. "Have a happy ever after." 

I stepped in, and my soul stood still: THIS was bliss.

The End

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