The Apocalypse

4 people in heaven. Each has a different story. The writers that are mentioned and I will write a story from a different point of view. Each writer has a different person. So please do not get confused. I will have one person. My story will continue with that one person. All four people will have a story that interacts in some way. Enjoy!

TheThe last thing I remember was the bang. The earth-shattering (literally) bang. I just thought I was hearing things. My eyesight wasn't so clear either; the Earth suddenly pitch dark. I had no idea what was happening until I found myself in a paradise. A beautiful paradise with milky-white waterfalls, and golden land. I thought I was dreaming since I saw baby angels flying here and there and harps playing in the background.  In my dream, I was in heaven, or so I guessed.

I walked around. I saw beautiful angels with sparkling white teeth and icy hair. I smiled, knowing that this was a dream and not reality. If this was real, I would've been dead. And I wasn't dead. I alive, healthy and fit. I just wished that these angels in heaven were not so familiar. But they were. There was pratically everyone I knew from school, my grandparents (the ones who were still alive), and even my parents! Then things started to get really creepy. I wondered if this really was a dream... I started to get the feeling it wasn't. Heaven was supposed to be right above the Earth. Well, that's what I thought. All I saw underneath me, was a layer of pitch black darkness. The darkness that overcame the Earth.

The End

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