The Anti-Protagonize

One day when smarty101 goes on Protagonize, something bad happens. Antagonize.

I logged on to Protagonize on a balmy summer day in May. I began working on "A Normal Day... Or is it?" as usual, when the green on the page began turning red and the main name graphic reloaded.

My speakers were on and I heard a deep computer voice say: "Hello, all you Protagonizers. I am Antagonize, and I have destroyed this beloved site and made it my own. Just try to escape! Muhuha!"

Forget the chapter I was writing! I tried X-ing the page out, but each time the computer flashed red and the voice said, "You will never escape!"

I went for the power button on my computer tower. When I was inches away, a metal shield went down over the front of the tower. I tugged on it with no result. I turned off my monitor and backed away slowly.

The End

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