The Anti Crew

That day after school, Anna went to Maggie's house. "Anna! We have to do something about them! Their practically ruining our lives!" Maggie yelled. "I know, I know. What are we supposed to do about them though?" Anna asked. There was a silence, showing that the girls were thinking. "I know it! We could have a crew, too! But what would we call it?" Maggie was happy, then sad. "How about the Anti- Crew?" Anna asked. Maggie was happy with the name, and she said that would be the name. "But we need to have a song for it, I mean their crew does." Anna said, and Maggie had a song in mind. Maggie sang: "One day, there was a crew. Anna and Maggie didn't know what to do. The crew was mean, Hannah, the leader, didn't like beans. Roxy made kids cry, Hannah had her hair dyed. So Maggie and Anna had to destroy Hannah. By running the Anti-Crew, when Hannah heard about it, she turned blue! Anti- Crew! (Clap, clap!) Anti- Crew! (Clap, clap!) We make Hannah turn blue! (Clap, clap!)" Maggie finished and smiled. "Maggie, that's great! I can't wait into Hannah turns blue!" Anna cried, and the two chuckled. "Maggie, sweetheart! Someone is here to see you!" Maggie mother yelled from the porch. Who would be here? Maggie thought, and as if reading Maggie's mind, Anna asked Maggie: "Maggie, who do you think is here?" Maggie got up from the grass and brushed the grass from the seat of her slacks. "I haven't any idea," Maggie replied. Then Maggie said to her Mother, "Tell them that we're out here." The girls heard the door open, and Hannah and Roxy were there. "You girls have fun!" Maggie's mother said, and went inside. "Hello Maggie. Hello Anna." Roxy smirked. "We came here to play." Hannah's sarcam piled out of her mouth.  "Maggie, does your family have any... mustard?" Roxy asked. Anna knew Maggie's family did, so she nodded and she and Maggie went inside. Anna came out with a bottle of mustard. "H-here, Roxy." Anna was really uncomfortable. "Oh, good. Now, tell your mother that we should have a sleep-over tonight or we squirt the mustard," Roxy yelled, grabbing the bottle. "And, invite Anna too." Maggie ran inside, asked her mother if Anna, Hannah and Roxy could spend the night, she said yes, so Maggie told the girls.

The End

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