The Anti-Crew

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"How are they so perfect?" Maggie Mare asked her best friend Anna Brown. Maggie looked towards Hannah Anderson and her "crew", which Anna and Maggie weren't allowed in. Anna could be in their crew, Maggie thought, while Anna was thinking, I so don't want to be with them. "I really don't know," Anna replied. "But I don't want to be in it." Hannah re-did her pink ribbon in her platium blond hair. Roxy Kelly stood beside her, short and plump, and an exellent soccer player, but she couldn't because everyone in the so called "Crew" had to be on the cheerleading squad. If you didn't make the cheerleading squad and you were in the crew, you were kicked out of the small club made by  several girls. Roxy was second in command, so of course she couldn't try out for soccer. Next to Roxy was Kaitlyn, who was short but skinny, who was the nicest of the group. Kaitlyn was shy and quiet. Hannah and Roxy's bodies together looked funny, but they made it work. "Hi, Tommy. MOVE!" Hannah yelled at the little seven year old. Tommy Elkson ran, tears streaming down his face. Now it was Roxy's turn. "What? Okay." Roxy listened as Hannah whispered in her ear. Roxy went over to the twins, Tyra and Tia. "Hi, Tyra, hi, Tia." Roxy smiled at the girls. The smile was really phoney. "Hey, Roxy!" The the two twins should've known it was all a trap. Roxy took both girls by their ponytails, pulling the hair quickly, so it hurt. "Miss Mullins!" Tyra and Tia ran out of the room, calling the principal. When one of the teachers came into the room, the crew turned into perfect angels. "Hi, Miss Ward. Just helping Melissa clean her lunch up." Roxy tipped over Melissa's tray, then helped pick it up.

The End

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