The Anticlimax

The ground shook with guttural fury as the tectonic plate supporting it pressed and writhed against adjacent landmasses.  The sky, seared a vivid orange, was dense with the noxious gasses emanating from the gaping cracks in the topography.  Viscous residues slid across the faces of rocks and congealed, scorched by the ambient heat.

In all of this chaos, however, invisible bits of similar matter had started to come together.  Mired in the ooze, they had collected by happenstance and added to their mass, forming a larger bit just like the smaller ones.  Eventually, matter of different types found compatibility with these groups and their collective size increased even further.

Through this growth, the groups of various types of matter had created needs of energy to support their cohesion, which in turn had spurred the development of limited sustaining functions for the intake and processing of energy sources.

Two particular groups of matter, which had each developed abnormally high functional capacity, were then drifting in each other’s direction.  Their combination would result in the most complex organism in existence so far, prompting a fundamental shift in function beyond mere energy intake toward production of their own viable substances for growth – an organism far greater than the sum of its parts.

Sadly, however, nothing happened.

The End

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