Redhat and Friend

Curtain falls.  

(requisite pause)

Curtain rises on a well lit stage.  

On the left half of the stage, a large round brass oriental gong hangs on it's stand.  Next to it, a three foot tall chimpanzee wearing a white diaper is standing with his arms akimbo, and his chin held high.

On the right half of the stage, a white bed sheet hangs on a line like drying laundry.  It's top edge is at eye level, and it's bottom edge extends to  the stage floor.  

Enter Redhat stage right.  Redhat is dressed in a respectable suit, appropriate for the occasion. Standing in front of the white bed sheet, he begins his monologue.   

"This is performance art.  I hope you take it's meaning in the spirit intended.  We all come here to be viewed by strangers, and to expose our innermost feelings.  Quite often, our feelings are a kind of euphemism for our fears.  For many, it's the fear of loosing love; or never finding it.  For others, it's vampires.  For me, it's the fear of exposing my true self to others.  To celebrate that fear, I will now perform an unnamed act of self flagellation.  This chimpanzee is merely a distraction."

With a wave of Redhat's arm, the chimpanzee picks up the large gong mallet, and begins furiously banging the gong with a motion similar to a lumberjack chopping wood.  

Redhat walks behind the hanging sheet so that he is only visible from his eyeballs up.  He places a red cowboy hat firmly on his head.  The motion of his head, and the translucent shadows showing through the sheet give the impression that he is removing his clothing.  

The chimpanzee continues to pound a trance-like rhythm.  

The motion of the red cowboy hat gives more than a mild impression that Redhat is doing something obscene behind the sheet.  

The chimpanzee continues to convulse in animalistic gong-banging.  

The cowboy hat shakes and bobs with increasing ferocity.  
When it appears that the primate will surely collapse from heart failure, Redhat's arm swings out from the side of the sheet like an orchestra conductor completing a symphony.  

The exhausted chimp collapses to the floor, as his once-white diaper rapidly turns brown.  

Lights dim.

Curtain falls. 

The End

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