The Knife-Throwing Philosopher

A slight figure, dressed head to toe in an assortment of colors, beads, and bells, walks onto the stage.  Although to call it walking is hardly fair, would just as soon call Romeo and Juliet "friends" or WW2 a "misunderstanding"  Perhaps, yes, this slight figure danced onto the stage.


The audience stares at the tiny woman now swaying to the music on the stage.

"That's a beautiful song Gwen, do you mind if I call you Gwen?  G2 is just... it's not as well, it's not as pretty you see.  I hope you don't mind."

Gwen smiles and continues to play.

The air around the woman seemed to ripple and as it wavered the scene behind her changed.  A forest, green and eerie as the light filtered down from the ancient canopy.

"Hey you, no one invited the freakshow!" A rude voice called from the back.

She smiled a most wicked smile and pulled a knife from the folds of her skirt.  The audience held their collective breath as she threw it, waiting for the inevitable scream.  The quiet thud into the wood was rewarded with the sound of hundreds of people relaxing just slightly.

"Now that was hardly called for.  No one invited me, I simply put one foot infront of the other, and here I am.  I suppose I had best introduce myself."  The air shimmered and was replaced with a beach under a rising sun, a single set of footprints marred the settled sand.

"Once I have given you my name I can hardly take it back, I shall exist."

The voices in the audience were hushed, every now and then a comment floated to the stage.

"Seriously, who invited her?"  "Enough already!"  "This is very strange."

"Existing is a wonderful thing," she continued, appearing to be amused by the confusion she was causing.

"When one exists one can do all sorts of things!"  Again the air around her wavered and became instead a silent mountain.  "Although, there comes with existing all sorts of problems.  All kinds of responsibilities."

"Spare the talk about responsibilities," came a clearer voice.  The woman turned and looked into the darkness that was the wing of the stage.  A figure stood there, tapping their foot, clearly impatient for their turn.

"Oh hush, it's not as though you could introduce yourself just this second anyways.  I'll only be a minute.

"Now then, we who exist, we are responsible to exist.  It is a precious thing, and wary be the man who would waste an existance.  For my part, I shall try, as best I may, to exist beyond this present existance.  And how, you may ask, shall I accomplish this?  Well that's easy, the same way you are!"

The figure in the wings cleared their throat and shuffled a little.

"See now?  There you are, so eager to exist forever!  Very well, I shall let you.  But first, I shall exist myself.

"I am Asheyna."

The End

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