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~: Chapter 1: ~ 

It all began on a normal summer in Portland, Oregon, on one beautiful morning, when Jack and Jane Wilson said their vows to each other, a promise of life together. They went away on their honeymoon, excited newlyweds, and you know the works. So months later found Jane very pregnant.

It was hard work, being pregnant. The early months were full of nausea and dizziness, it still felt like a haze. Now, she was so heavy that standing up was becoming a pain. On one of her more stressful evenings, Jane sat, uncomfortable and irritable. She tried to ignore the dull throb that seemed to be setting in.

It wasn't until ten minutes later that she felt the wetness of broken water between her thighs, and the first searing pain of labor. She yelled out.

Immediately Jack was arosen from his sleepy daze. In a flurry of panic that followed this first contraction, Jack gathered things together, found his car keys and rushed Jane to the hospital.

Reaching the hospital, she was wheeled into a room, sweating and nervous. The cold jelly was spread over her swollen belly and the doctor gently swiped the wand over to reveal the small, grainy form that was to be her baby on the screen. She was going to have a girl.

Perhaps it was just the haze of pain, but a dull pulse of fear ran through her veins as the nurse informed her she was going to give birth. It wasn't the fear of giving birth but something more, like the life she was carrying was instilling it in her heart.

The nurses in the operation room told her to push as Jane was screaming in pain as she pushed as the doctor was giving her a C section as she pushed a scream was heard "Ahhhh! <img src="/s/images/smile/bunny.gif">!" she yelled. Then the head was shown then her tiny body and feet.

Hours later, a sweat-soaked, exhausted Jane held the tiny red form of her baby daughter in her arms and named her Anna. Just Anna. No middle or last name. Jack didn't understand it.

Jane was scared, even as she held this baby that, for all intents and purposes, looked harmless. This child wasn't normal. A small throb in the back of her head erupted and her vision dimmed for the space of a minute. What she saw in those sixty seconds terrified her so much that she was left speechless.

Anna would fail her classes. She wouldn't like this. She would get mad and tie up her teachers. She would slit their throats...

Even as she thought this in her mind, she shuddered, looking down at her baby. These weren't normal thoughts for a mother, were they? But Jane was frightened of these events that had just unfolded in her head and knew deep down, that this was more than just in her head.

During her pregnancy she'd always felt a nagging worry. Always felt like the being inside her was too strong, too powerful. And she had voiced her thoughts once that perhaps this pregnancy wasn't for the best. But Jack had told her that she couldn't abort the baby, not after all the time and effort trying.

He would raise his daughter with all the love in the world and let her grow up feeling like a princess. He wanted dreams beyond his own capabilities for her. He could imagine her, all grown up one day, a successful businesswoman, living the beautiful, luxurious life that she deserved. Or perhaps doing something she loved - maybe a hair stylist. Who knew?

Jane wasn't so enthusiastic. She was far from actually. Anna - could she be all those things? The voice of doubt echoed in her head and a sudden anger took hold of her.

"Yeah Jack. That's all you're worried about. You're thinking of your own greed and ambitions. And here I am worrying about her when..." Jane trailed off, uncertain.

"When what?" Jack prodded.

She's going to be an angry child. A scary child.

But she didn't voice that. He'd think she was crazy.

Jack looked at her for a moment, unsure of what she meant. Finally he said, just to calm the waters but not back down: "We’ll see what happens, Jane."

And that fateful day, the daughter that Jack had promised to love completely and the child Jane feared more than anything was born of them. And this was the moment their life was changed forever. Perhaps even the world.

Years passed by and Anna grew to be a five-year-old. You'd think she was the cute type, like all kids that age. But no. Not Anna.

She always wore this sinister look on her face, unlike other children. She never smiled or played nice. No one was ever comfortable around her.

One evening, her mother noticed Anna watching TV, a dark, cold expression playing on her features.

"Are you okay Anna?" her mother asked tentatively, worried her daughter may get angry with her for asking.

Anna just stared straight ahead at the TV, watching the snowfall on the screen. Abruptly, she got up, walked ever so calmly towards the television set, raised her fist and punched it straight through the screen. It smashed to bits, glass flying everywhere, and sparks erupted from the smoking TV set, accompanied by crashes and bangs.

Her mother watched, horrified. A panic began to overcome her and she backed away towards the telephone, wondering what she could do, whom she could call. She snatched up the phone quietly, not wanting to alert Anna, and dialed for the police. No tone.

Jane glanced around, wide-eyed with fear, and saw the cord - it was cut. She slowly looked up, her throat dry with fear, into the shining eyes of the thing that was meant to be her daughter.

Anna glared menacingly, flexing the wire cutters in her hands, clearly on display for Jane to see. Her stare was intense and frightening and as she began to speak, Jane shuddered.

"Oh, you're not gonna be calling any little policemen over here, Mother dearest. You're not going to call anyone that thinks they can control me," smiled Anna, evilly, "I am your child. So take care of me. Because if you don't, I'm going to take care of you. And trust me, you won't want that. Do you understand?"

~: Chapter 2: ~

Jane looked at her, not wanting to believe what she had just heard as she backed up against the wall. Anna never spoke. Not more than two words.

"Wh- How? You don't speak like-" Jane whispered. Anna edged closer to her, showing her mother the wire cutters, bringing it closer and closer.

"If you’re my mother you shouldn’t be afraid of me," she giggled, sending shivers down Jane's spine, "You know what. I quite like this have of me. It feels good. No, great. YOU can not control me," she giggled again, "I control YOU."

Jane gulped, "Anna, sweetie, please put that thing down. It's dangerous."

Anna cocked an eyebrow, leaving the cold expression on her face, "Danger? To you maybe, Mother. Not to me. It's my... toy."

"And what are you complaining about anyway? This is your fault. You made me this way. Now, I'll spare you for now. But if I hear anything - ANYTHING - that upsets me... from you OR Father, I won't be happy. And you both will definitely not be happy. In fact you might not even be here to <em>feel</em> the emotion."

Her mother, a shaking nervous wreck, stood nervously, trying to edge out. Anna glanced up with a flash of anger in her eye and stepped hard on Jane's foot. Her mother yelped.

"Don't you move!" Anna whispered, "Don't you even try moving a step."

Jane shook in the corner that she was backed up against, sweating like she'd just run a marathon. Anna's grin widened, glittering and cruel.

<em>Slam. </em>

"I’m home," Jack called.

As Jack turned to hang his coat, Anna sneaked up on him slowly. She pulled the dirty towel from his back pocket, blackened from the construction atmosphere, and jumped on him. She threw the towel around his neck and pulled. His eyes widened and he clawed at the towel, but to no avail. As she felt his heart throb, fighting to stay alive, the sickening grin etched deeper into her face and a rush of excitement jolted through her veins, and she pulled harder on the towel.

Jack scrabbled at it, but the oxygen was no more and he couldn't pull it off. For a second, his eyes shone with tears and then he dropped to the floor with a crash.

Anna huffed with exertion, then let go. She stared for a minute, revelling in the excitement and she let out the loudest, most evil screaming laugh Jane had ever heard.

The tears were thick in Jane's throat as she tried hard not to let herself scream or cry. Anna turned on her and the fear that bolted through her whole body was one she'd never felt before.

~: Chapter 3: ~

Anna pointed an accusing finger at her mother.

"Mother, I think it's about time we had a little talk. About how you feel about me." Anna said quietly.


"Do you love me?" Anna asked.

"Y-yes," whispered Jane.

"Then <em>why</em> did you want to abort me?! And <em>don't</em> even think about lying to me! I heard it myself - when I was in your womb."

Jane looked at Anna with horrified eyes. She gulped nervously.

"Y-yes, I wanted t-to ab-b-bort you, b-but I was y-young and sc-scared," she stuttered, "But your f-father," she gulped back tears, "He stopped me. He s-saved y-you. W-why...why did you k-kill him?!"

Anna smiled slowly, sending chills through her mother.

"What if... what if <em>I</em> told <em>you</em> that I know <em>everything</em>? Everything. About your first date even before you first met. How you guys argued to the point fists were thrown. You wouldn’t believe me Mother, would you? Nobody would," Anna murmured, pulling her black hair out of the pigtails her mother had carefully put them in.

"Oh, and why did I kill him? Yes, he saved me from you, and so he has already served his purpose. I don't need him anymore. But now you have nobody to save <em>you</em>. I want you to say you love me and I want you to say it like you mean it - or else you <em>might</em> find yourself beside your husband," threatened Anna.

"Of-of course I do honey. I love you," her mother trembled.

Jane stood there, staring at this creature in front of her, hoping that that lie sounded convincing. She couldn't believe it. How could Anna possibly know all that before she was even conceived? How could she know it as a tiny embryo? She couldn't have known all about their fights, their negotiations, their life plans... But then again, hadn't she always worried about this baby? Hadn't she always felt as if something was just so very wrong during her pregnancy, that this tiny being inside her just felt too...powerful?

Anna was still glaring at her. Evidently she wasn't affected by Jane's frightened declaration of love.

"Oh please, mother, don't bother lying to me. I don't have the time or patience for lies," Anna said in her cool, controlled tone that dripped with sarcasm, "I have no need of parents like you and Jack. I can very well live my own life. All I want to know is... Why?"

~: Chapter 4: ~

Anna kept her disconcerting gaze steady. Jane quivered.

"I had to kill you! You-y-you were the devil child! I didn't how I could handle it. And I was afraid! For me and our family and... Everyone. You're evil and powerful and you know it. You could kill whomever you wish. You could have the whole world in the palm of your hand..." Jane trailed off in a terrified whisper.

Anna's gaze intensified and the anger on her face was apparent. She strode over to Jane, shot her a smile and punched her in the stomach. Jane doubled over in pain and slid to the floor.

"I love being the devil’s child - who would want to be <em>normal? </em>- and there’s nothing you - or anyone - can do to stop me. Oh! I love hearing the throbbing of your frightened heart, Jane," Anna grinned, wrapping her fingers around her mother's neck, "Makes me want to kill you even more."

Anna looked Jane straight in the eyes, kneeling forward in front of her slumped form, and tightened her grip, slowly, slowly squeezing the life out of Jane.

Her mother's eyes were glazed with unshed tears for everything. Especially for the mistake she had made five and a half years ago - for not killing this monster. But it was too late now.

Anna watched her every last second, just until the final light faded out of Jane's eyes and her body toppled over when Anna finally let go. And now, Anna was truly alone.

Authorities found the dead bodies three days later. But no child. Anna Wilson was missing.

The police were confused about the murders. They couldn't find any suspects except... the child. But how could that be possible?

They kept their suspicions quiet because of the implausibility of it. Uncertain headlines splashed across the newspapers: a dead couple and their missing child - no suspects.

The authorities were terrified. And so were the public. Who was this killer on the loose? When would she strike again?

The crime scene was still taped off but no unit had been seen present for days. The house had an aura - a bad feeling about it.

This was when Special Agent Macy Donovan was called in.

~: Chapter 5: ~

<em>Six years earlier (2004)

"Why can’t you just accept the fact that I like you?" said Jack, frustrated.

"And why can’t </em>you<em> accept the fact that I hate your guts? Look, Jack, it’s just not going to happen. We gave this date a shot and… I’m just not that into you," Jane shrugged.

Jack looked at her for a second, then strode towards her, reaching out. She stepped back, putting her hands in front of her.

"Don’t touch me," Jane threatened.

Jack sighed. What was he gonna have to do to win her heart?

"Please, Jane? You're not even giving this a real shot. Come on. Yeah, I have my faults - but I really like you. And I think... that if we </em>both<em> really tried, this might just work. Come on...?" he trailed off, then added in a hush, "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Up until the last bit Jane's will had been giving way, but then she froze, taking his compliment completely the wrong way.

"Yeah, there ya go. You're just like every other guy, looking at a woman's <img src="/s/images/smile/bunny.gif">. How am I meant to trust guys when this is all I get every time? I wanna try - but... Sometimes you just... Agh! Sometimes I wanna just choke you because you make me so MAD!" She walked up to him swiftly, putting her hands round his neck and squeezing, but not too hard.

For a second, he was a little freaked out. But then he bridged that distance, put his arms around her waist, and pulled her in to embrace.

And then they were falling, forgetting all the hate in their hearts in the heat of their passion.</em>

~: Chapter 6 :~

Six o' clock in the morning, Macy Donavan sat in her office at home, sipping her coffee and scanning the newspaper. She flipped back to the front page, still incredulous at the murder story. Something wasn't right about that whole thing. How did that child go missing just like that, right after her parent's murder, without leaving a single trace behind? Yet, she'd left plenty of traces around the murder that tied her and only her to it.

"Why would a five-year-old murder her parents...?" Macy wondered aloud, and then caught herself. This was still all circumstantial evidence and even hard facts didn't yet prove the killings. Five-year-olds didn't have the strength to smash TVs or suffocate a fully-grown man. She couldn't lay a firm blame just yet.

She put down the newspaper and coffee cup, and walked out towards the front of the house to grab her trench coat and boots. Just as she was pulling on the coat, she caught a glimpse of something moving outside her front door. Stupid vandals...if they were at it again-...

She threw the front door open to find the little girl, Anna. Her heart leaped in fright, then shock, then relief. The girl was alive, not missing anymore! Oh my God, she was safe! Thank God- but Macy's relief faltered when she saw the red gleam in the child's eyes and her cold expression from beneath her eyelashes. Anna didn't hesitate a second. She pushed Macy down, sending her sprawling on the wooden floor, and strode into the house, slamming the door shut behind her.

"Looking for me, eh? Happy to see me now?"

Macy stared at her, wide-eyed. The bravest officer terrified of a five-year-old.

"My parents? Yeah, I killed them. And I'm even out to take over the world. Cool, huh?"

And Macy didn't doubt her a bit. The child was sick - and she was in danger.

"And you can go tell your little police friends about my plans, if you want. You'll get laughed off that force faster than I can disappear. And trust me, if I want to, I can disappear - fast," Anna laughed, "Well, in either case, you're not gonna live Macy Donovan, because you're just gonna make my life harder. Maybe today, maybe next year...but you're gonna die."

Macy gulped, then whispered in a shaky voice, "The World will find out eventually. So don't bother wasting you're time. Kill me now."

"Yes they will. But by then, it'll be too late," Anna cackled with glee, "And no. I think I'd like to keep you waiting. Keep you on your toes, eh? I'll see ya around, Special Agent."

And with that, Anna bolted out the door, and was out of sight before Macy had even gathered her wits.

~: Chapter 7 :~

Three hours later, Macy sat at her kitchen table, gulping hot chamomile tea and still trying to shake off the shivers of fright that waved through her every few seconds. She couldn't just sit here, shaking like a coward. She had to do something. But just thinking about it renewed the anxiety and waves of fear.

But no. She had to do something. She couldn't let this twisted child alone or who knew what havoc she would wreak? In any case, she would have to act fast. Her life could end any time and Macy would bring her down or die trying.

True, it would be as difficult as hell - she already knew that - but she had her weapons and her wits and her instinct - and she had to rely on those, make the best of what she had.

In a burst of bravery, she gathered her guns and knives and set out. For hours, she drove around, even walked though not entirely sure what her plan of action was, but it was better than sitting at home. Finally, she thought she might as well call her boss - she needed some sort of back up; she couldn't go at this alone.

The phone rang and rang, but their was a constant, sharp, crackling static on the line. But honestly, she must have been in good range - what could be the matter? Just as she was about to hang up, the crackling simmered down and she heard the catch of breath on the other side. It wasn't her boss.

The thick silence was broken by a cackle.

Macy's heart beat fast in fear, "Why are you doing this?"

Anna paused and Macy could swear she felt the smile stretch across that evil, little face.

"Your police force? I wiped them out already; you're about two hours and fifty-six minutes late. What? You thought it would be that <em>easy</em> to take <em>me</em> down?" she mocked, "You're not gonna stop me, no matter how hard you try. Dear, dear Macy," tutted Anna, "I am <em>the</em> most powerful girl this world has ever seen. Soon," she paused for dramatic effect, "<em>everyone</em> will be on their knees, doing <em>my</em> bidding. And yes, go ahead and 'warn' the public," snorted Anna, "Please. It would be so wonderfully entertaining watching you humiliate yourself... Why so silent, Macy? Cat got your tongue?"

Anna's cruel teasing was infuriating Macy but she was so at a loss for what to do that she couldn't even reply Anna.

"See you soon Macy," taunted Anna. And the line went dead.

Macy shut the phone, staring at it. Thoughts raced frantically in her head. There had to be a police force out there that she hadn’t touched - she couldn't have toppled everything!

"And if there is, they must believe me," Macy said aloud, in a frightened voice. She climbed into her car and grabbed the map from the backseat. Where was she headed?

Her eyes darted across the country, then rested on the tiny dot on the map. She was going to Minnesota.

~:Chapter 8:~

So as she made it to the Minnesota police department. Macy flew to the front desk as the police Chief looked at her.

“Can I help you ma’am?” the chief said.

“I know this sounds crazy but…” She paused for a minute.

“But what?” the chief said.

“Okay there's this five year old who choked her father and choked her mother. She’s very, very smart and very scary because she’s out to get this world to do her bidding….”

The chief cut her off "Ma'am, I’m sorry but your boring me out here that’s just your imagination running wild and as far as this child goes we can’t do anything about it all we can say is, she’s your child and you're responsible. Other than that, no proof, no case,” the chief said.

Then the news popped up on the TV, one of the reporters was reporting about a police investigation when suddenly out of nowhere, Anna struck again but slit the throat of the female reporter as Macy trembled in fear, and the chief dropped his full cup of coffee and hid behind the counter putting his knees up to his face. All the officers scrambled wondering what can they do, only to know all was going to die anyway. Macy went behind the counter where the chief was.

“Now you believe me?” Macy said.

The chief nodded yes as he sucked his thumb and trembled, then the officer stopped as a red jeep wrangler pulled up as the car door opened and they saw a little girl in a red trench coat walking towards the door, she opened the door and pulled out an Ak 47 and started shooting at everything including the officers. Macy hid behind the counter with the chief. Anna started screaming as every last officer was down dead on the floor, and then she stopped shooting she looked around and called out for Macy.

“Come on out Macy you can’t hide forever!” Anna called while she was walking around, looking for her.

~: Chapter 9: ~

Macy’s heart was pounding hard, how did Anna know she was here? Was Anna tracking her? There has to be some explanation for this as Anna kept looking for her and calling her out.

"I know you’re here Macy, you can’t hide forever. You don’t realize I’m tracking you down, no! Even better- I’m going to kill you and there’s nothing you can do about it! No one is here to save you!” Anna said with an evil chuckle.

Then the chief popped up and started shooting, but shot terribly as Anna shot him once and he plopped on the floor.

Macy tries to hold back tears, as Anna could smell her fear from a room away as her sly smile erect on her face.

“You’re here Macy, your fear is making me feel powerful. I love it when you show fear, you think you’ll run out the door quicker then I can shoot, you're sadly mistaken. Tsk tsk tsk, when are you going to learn Macy. Nobody can help you or save you, so come on out and face me, woman to girl. Come on out like a good girl and I promise you, you’ll get an reward,” Anna said.

Macy ran around the corner with her head down low as Anna started shooting, Macy when out of the door as glass shatters into bits and she got small cuts. Then Anna ran after her. Macy got up and went towards her car. She kept fumbling with her keys as she saw her gun in the car.

"Come on!” Macy said as she kept fumbling with her keys, only to drop them. Then Anna pointed the gun to Macy’s head and she put her hands up.

“Got ya!” Anna said with a sly smile erected upon her face.

~: Chapter 10: ~

Macy opened her eyes, as she wasn’t familiar with her surroundings, she kept looking around as she gasped as she saw the chief's body hanging next to her. Then Anna came in as she opened the door and closed it behind her.

“You know it’s freezing in here, you keep all your frozen stuff in here like your peas, carrots, corn…Oh right! You don’t like veggies you just like me kicking … your… butt!” Anna said with a snarl.

Blood oozed out of Macy’s mouth, while Anna kept looking at her. Her snarl was heard very well, her stare went cold. Macy sensed all of this, she knew Anna was a good girl; she had to reason with her, she just had to.

“Anna this isn’t like you, I know there’s good inside of your heart, I know you have something inside that forgives people including me,” Macy said.

Anna looked at her then looked away.

“Please I know it’s in your heart to do good, just listen to me. I can help you,” Macy said.

“No you can’t help me." Anna looked back at Macy. "Nobody can help me, I will get this world to do my bidding! Goodbye, Macy,” Anna said.

Then Anna slashed Macy’s throat, and as she walked out of the freezer and closed the door. While Anna was walking, you saw an evil smirk on her face as the screen goes black and music plays.


The End

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