The Anna Story 4: high stakesMature

just when you thought it was over Anna returns and she's badder then ever witness more kills and more powerful bad guys as she faces her greatest challenge in an attempt to take over the world from the author that started the Anna series get ready cause the stakes has never been any higher in The Anna story 4: high stakes sneek preview today but the story is coming 2012.


"No! No! Please! Please!" the innocent man said. He was laying on the cold steel silver table, and above him were different weapons that Anna could choose from. Anna cold heartless stare put the mans fear into her arms, she reached up and took the bloody cleaver off the hook. Then she raised it above her head, showing no remorse she swings it straight down to his neck as the screen goes black. And the evil laughter comes out of Anna mouth is so sick, it sends chills down your spine as the numbers 2012 pop up as you sit and wonder what's going to happen next?

The End

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