Anna speaksMature


Anna: You think I'm done? You think it's over? Do you want more of me? You're damn right you do. My confession is that I don't show remorse when I kill, I just enjoy the thrill of it. What? you want to know what I've done between the times of my killings heh! I know everything way ahead of time, What do you expect, a trophy? Get the hell outta here. You don't nothing, that's right, nothing!

All I want is your very soul, and your death papers because you can't escape from me. I know everything about you ,way before you tell me a letter of a word ... do I repeat it? no! It's like a record player in my head telling me over and over and over and OVER AGAIN! (she picks up a vase and throws it against the wall) (sick giggle) Why am I wasting my breath and time with you vermin? That's what you are, a weak little parasite that I have the itch to kill with the point of my knife. I will tell you more when I'm ready to, but right now I have more people on my Hit List, including Tracy Masters (evil sick twisted laugh)""

The End

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