the Anna story 3: her final confessionMature

In a world where crime is at it's highest and at it's breaking point Anna returns and has more kills on her list then ever before. from the author that brought you the dangerous blades series and the Anna story parts 1 &2 comes The Anna story 3 Her final confession (coming soon to protag)


the detectives in the interrorgation room get's scared as Anna laughs like a crazy pycho woman.

Anna: tisk! tisk! you just don't get it do you more people will die if i stay here. Putting me in that chair was your first mistake and now you have to pay the ultament price of how many of your so called serial killers and 1st 2nd and 3rd degree murders i have killed in those cells.You think you still can stop me you can't i have told you's thousands and thousands of times i get more and more powerful after each kill I make. I'm on death row, even death is afraid of me (evil chuckles)

detective Macy Mcdonavan: you think this is a game you killed half of our inmates in this facillity and we had to put this place on lockdown because of you we had to put you in a class 5 cell where your islated from the other prisoners

Anna: big mistake again you... you don't realize i know this place like the back of my hand and i still get away with murder. look at your hands Macy blood are on those hands after i killed your son and daughter you had to bury your own two souls that was dear to you. And you should already realize what have i become, oh! you should of killed me sooner alot sooner way before i did my first kill. And now here i am still alive and you still can't fiqure out how to kill me, even if you was to kill me i still be a haunting nightmare and i will kill in your dreams MY DREAMS ARE STILL ALIVE MACY! DON'T YOU SEE IT!!!

(the gaurds came in as they shackled her hands and feet and stood up as she walked out of the room with an evil grin on her face)

The End

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