Chapter 20Mature

 I smiled slyly as I looked down at the blood on my palms. I loved to kill, it was an addiction for me that had formed when I was young. It had been fueled by my mentor who had taught me everything I know about assassinations. Unfortunately he died on a mission we were both on, he'd been murdered by his target, and now his target was who I hunted for. I snapped back into reality as I had to snap a guards neck.

 More and more funneled into the room, and more and more were slaughtered with grace and beauty. One thought he could knife we in the back while I was busy, I turned around and drove my hand straight through his chest and he stopped dead, quite literally. I leaned in as he convulsed blood pouring from his mouth now and I leaned in and kissed his cheek sweetly and then dropped him on the floor dead. I snickered quietly as I began to climb the long flight of stairs.  

 The main office was a small room on the top level and a woman cowered in the corner with a crying baby and a man pointed a gun at me with shaking hands. He wore a black business suit, had squinted brown eyes, and had a salt and pepper toupee to cover a balding spot. The girl wore a long pink dress and had a broach in her dark brown hair.

 "Take another step and I shoot you!" The man tried to say bravely but it was overshadowed by fear. I chuckled softly as I swiftly threw a knife into his chest and he dropped the gun and began to gasp for air. I walked over with a devilish grin and stuck the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The woman screamed and began to cry even harder as I walked slowly over to her and bent down and examined the baby. It was a little boy with blue eyes and a little bit of light blond hair, probably 8 months.

 "What a sweet baby," I remarked running my fingers down his cheeks as he continued to bawl, "Lady do you want to live?" I looked over at the woman a wicked expression on my face and she nodded still sobbing.

 "Then kill your son." I said and she looked at the baby and began to shake her head and I pulled out a sharp hunting knife.

 "Either you do it or I do." I said glaring down at her, she thought fora minute and reached for the knife I had the gun in the other hand in case she tried to stab me. She thrust the knife through the babies heart and began to wail in remorse as she realized what she'd just done.

 "Don't worry," I said pulling another knife out," I'll make sure your together again." I thrust the knife through her throat and left it there as I left. I loved kids, I really did, because they don't make much of a mess when you kill them.

The End

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