Chapter 18Mature

Marilyn Nieve Foster

I walked down the hallway through the prison, my allure having the same effect as always on all the people I passed - guards and prisoners alike. I made my way completely out of the prison and onto the steps at the front of the building.

Almost instantly I was mobbed by the press. Oh how boring and same-ish this all was. Never any variation, never any differences in what happens.

I stood powerfully, oozing control over the whole proceedings. Many microphones were shoved into my face and all at the end were rude, gossip driven reporters. I don't know how much more of this I can stand. Quietly, I ask them to be quiet. Rather quickly, the whole throng of people hushes. With bated breath, they all wait for what I am about to say.

"As you all know," I nearly, neatly whisper, "I have been visiting the two women who are blamed for most of the murders that have happened here. On multiple occasions I have spoken to them both and they are among the politest people I have ever met when talking to me." A ripple of disbelieving and disapproving sound moves through the reporters. "I have got to know them quite well now and I believe that neither of them have murdered anyone intentionally."

I leave it at that, get into the car and get taken back to the President, CEO and my husband's office.

The End

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