Chapter 16Mature

 I gazed from Anna to my new boss they were glaring at each other intensely and I almost thought there was going to be a cat fight. I said my goodbyes and slipped out heading for the busiest section of the city. I began to make my way up the skyscraper until I found an open window.  I grabbed the guard by the throat impaling him with a dagger then throwing his lifeless body out of the window. His buddy immediately rushed in from the other room but he had a bullet between his eyes before he even had the chance to blink.

 I silently stalked through the halls when something caught my eye. A trinket that had been stolen from me a long time ago by some guard who managed to escape with his life. I picked up my bladed fan swiping it through the air a few times, still worked like a charm. I heard footsteps and as a guard came up behind me he lost his head.

The End

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