Chapter 14Mature

Marilyn Nieve Foster

I handed the various weapons I'd managed to smuggle in to the cell to Monica and she nodded respectfully and thankfully.

"Right. Each day you must ask where you are and who you are. Both of you. You must say the last thing both of you remember was a man leaning over you, saying one phrase over and over - 'You must obey my every wish.' You'll be brought into an interrogation room each. Say you'll only speak to me. They'll get me soon enough. After they've brought you into the interrogation room a few times and spoken to me, the press will be dying to know what's going on. Then I'll tell them you were the work of one man and tell them a description that sounds creepily like the President. I'll say I'm working with you both to establish you new lives. Within six moths, you'll be out of this sh*t hole, because nobody will say I'm wrong. Everyone will believe me that I'm telling the honest truth. What do you think?"

I smile, waiting for their reaction.

The End

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