Chapter 11Mature


I looked at both of the women, i showed a smerk on my face to show that only one can rule this world and nobody hasn't stopped me not my parents not the cops not even macy donavan herself (and no not the 2nd) couldn't stop me. and now this chick who only weapon is poison (scoffs) i slit i shot i made neighborhoods afraid of me they made my name bigger then hollywood i was the #1 suspect on america's most wanted. and i look at the both of them

"you will never top what i acomplished and this race to rule this world is just the start.You will never get a piece of history from me sure we all have one thing in common we have no remorse but i killed 12 graders down to the so called kidnergarners. And if i went too far, you haven't seen nothing yet" i said as i had a staredown with both of them

The End

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