Chapter 9Mature

Marilyn Nieve Foster

I could tell they were two of the deadliest killers in any history of anywhere, but I was first. While they both looked amused, they didn't know the real reason I had sent away the guards and met them in a room with no cameras. I knew they couldn't kill me. I was the worst murderer anyone has ever seen - but shush, don't spread it.

I could tell they were both trying to look as though my charm was working, but I wasn't the worst cold-blooded killer by being stupid.

"Look. I'll cut the crap now." They both looked relieved.

"Finally." Muttered Anna.

Monica just kept her eyes locked on me, studying me. I could see the beginning of some form of respect. Good.

"I'm here to cut you two a deal. The press are going to think I've agreed to come in here to give you two talks on how to be a so called normal person in society. If you agree to my proposition, within 6 months, I could have you out of here and for the next five years of your life I can guarantee immunity from the law. You can do a lot in five years you know. After that, I'll get you out of anything major, so we both look good in the eyes of the public and they trust us all, but anything minor you can deal with yourselves, I'm sure. All I need you to do, is pull this city apart, brick by brick, person by person."

The End

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