Chapter 4Mature

 The so called meeting between the prisoners and this chick I'd never even heard of lasted a few hours. She started talking about how even though we'd all made wrong choices we could still change. I scoffed as she spoke, demons don't change and never will. As the speech ended I found myself face to face with this lady and she looked at me with eyes that looked sweet on the outside but hid a dark agenda.

 "I've heard a lot about you." she said making a move towards me, "I could use you for some things." She smiled showing bright white teeth. I got right in her face with an even more perfect smile

 "Not interested." I said sweetly, my voice thick like honey. She looked rather pissed off as I tried to walk away when she grabbed me by the shoulder an hissed into my ears.

 "I think you will be because your life may just end if you don't." She sounded menacing but I began to laugh histerically. "What's so funny.?"

 "I could kill anyone of those guards if I wanted to," I said in between laughs, "And the only reason you're still even alive is because I don't feel like killing in front of the poor security cameras." I walked away and scratched her slightly with my poisoned fingernails, a very small dose due to me not wanting to kill her...yet.

The End

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