chapter 3Mature

 Marilyn Nieve Foster

I walked down the middle of the hallway with purpose. Everyone else moved out of the way, pausing their daily lives to turn and look at me as I passed them. I sighed quietly. It was tiring being admired like this everyday.

I stopped outside the door I wanted and checked what I was wearing. Smoothing my skirt down, I fixed my blouse and then knocked on the door. The plaque on the front said "President and CEO". It was polished and shone in the light streaming through the windows.

"Who is it?" the voice inside asked.

"It's me." I say sweetly, opening the door. He's surrounded on the desk by piles of paperwork and looks thoroughly tired and out of his depth in things to do. I frown slightly and bat my eyelids at him. "I'm thinking about going on a visit to the Prison of Electricity."

His face formed a frown. "What do you want to go there for? It's full of the lowest of the lowest scum there is on this planet."

"I wanted to make a public appearance for us. I just wanted to be pictured with a few of the inmates, telling them how they can make their lives better, maybe with the prison officers who run the place to tell them what a wonderful job they're doing?" I leant forward on the edge of his desk. I could see him straining to keep his eyes looking at my face.

"...But, but..."

Slyly, I undid a button on my blouse, revealing more flesh. I saw him staring and I pretended not to notice. Instead, I leant forward even more, still batting my eyes. I stuck out my bottom lip and waited for him to crumble.

"I suppose you're right. You should make a public appearance." His eyes didn't once leave my bust. "Just be careful. I wouldn't want anything happening to you." Finally, he tore his eyes up to meet mine. I smiled and turned to go. I nearly got to the door.

"Wait a minute. Have you got a spare half an hour now?" He asked.

"I suppose." I answered. He had given me what I wanted after all. It was only fair to reward him slightly.

The End

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