chapter 1Mature

 I couldn't believe what was happening. I had actually been caught and was now being taken to a high security facility, me the greatest assassin, the demon! Oh well, I thought, I've been needing a break for quite some time. Besides this was going to be fun, the demon inside of a giant cage with other killers. I smirked, like putting a bunch of lions against a T-rex.

 "We're here scum bag," An officer yelled yanking me up by the arms, "Welcome to your new home." I merely observed the giant building with a huge electric gate covering all over and around it. I was escorted through the basics and then led to my room. A large fat woman with a bandana stared at me and then strutted over to me after the guard had left.

 "Well  well well," She said circling me like a hawk, "Fresh meat! We're gonna have some fun." She made a move towards me and I lifted my cold eyes towards her.

 "I don't feel like playing right now," I said my breath sending chills up her spine obviously, "So why don't you go away before you get hurt."

 "Excuse me? Bitch I'll do what I want!" She said sending a punch my way, as it came towards my face I caught her fist and twisted her arm until it broke with a sickening crack. She began to scream and cuss at me as I bent down next to her face.

 "You shouldn't play with the big kids." I said in a baby voice, She sent another punch at me which I avoided then I slashed her arm open with my sharpened nails. She screamed even louder and then began to convulse as the poison I painted my nails with began to kick in. Guards swarmed over and I readily went into their arms. The woman was dead in only a few minutes due to the poison and I was immediately relocated to another cell. The people there were much nicer after I explained what had happened in the last cell, they pretty much bowed down to me.

 "That's right," I thought, "Bow down to the demon."

The End

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