chapter 5Mature

Present day

Anna is now 16 years old. She killed for a license and transformed a Bentley into a pickup truck; she added a skull and threatening spikes that could easily tear the skin. She was ready for anybody that stood in her way. Fear was coming to her, everyone’s fear, and she could feel it. No one would escape her. They called her the death angel because if you saw her, you knew your time was up. It didn’t matter if you were too young to die and it didn’t matter if you were a good person. You were next.

her continued order of bisness was at a local resterant. she hoped out of the truck and walked in and shot a warning shot in the air to get people's attention. She started shooting five people in the head incuding the bartender who was ready to call the cops but wasn't quick enough to press the buttions. Besides there was two detectives on her tail anyway and she always cleaned up her mess and made it look at if there was a suaside in the bar. then she started dialing latracy masters cell.


"Hello" she answers

"Your still late latracy having fun being the mouse eh! cause i'm always going to be the cat that always kills the mice always. You still think you got the plan fiqured out guess again. And your going to keep guessing till you run out of guesses and will evenually give up" Anna said

"Where are you?" Detective Masters said.

(phone clicks off)

"Damit!" she said as she was shaking in fear.

"You okay?" detective Richards said

"What if my cousin or my son or daughter is next (sighs and sheds tears) i don't know if i can continue on with this case" Detective Masters said

(Richard rubs her back)

"we didn't make it this far to quit now, I want the bastard as bad as you do so lets keep at it till we bring her down" detective Richards said.

so as they continued to go after Anna Anna on the other hand has plans of her own as she walks into a house that once belonged to the famous detective : Macy Mcdonavan.

to be continued

The End

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