chapter 4Mature

Anna opened the door of a cottage. Silly people, forgetting to lock their doors. Didn’t they know Anna was around? Not that any lock could ever stop her. The evil grin spread across her face as she heard pages of a book flapping. Someone was awake! Anna opened another door that led to a sleeping boy’s bedroom.

As his small body rose and fell with steady breath, Anna crept towards him. She shook him and the boy's innocent blue eyes opened.

"Mama?" he asked lazily, yawning.

Anna was too fast for him. She slipped into his bed and wrapped her fingers around his throat. The boy kicked out at Anna. His struggles were pathetic. She pointed a gun at his heart and eagerly, she pulled the trigger. His blood sprayed across Anna's cardigan and his blue eyes became lifeless. She laughed and left the dead little boy in his bed.

Throwing caution to the wind, she kicked the next door right off its hinges. She jumped in and shot the mother in a split second, enjoying the short-lived look of terror on her face. Her blood dripped onto the book she had been reading.

The house was quiet; nobody was left. Anna walked out of the house and began the search for her next target. By the time detectives Masters and Richards got to the first house, it was far too late. The little boy was dead and so was his mother. Their skin was cold and grey. It seemed as if no matter what they did, Anna was always one step ahead of them.

The End

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