chapter 3Mature

Latracy Masters looked down at the head of a gangster, bile rising in her throat. Twenty tough, well-built thugs; beheaded by a child – how was it possible? Detective Masters quickly found the identities of the gangsters: they had been criminals, but they had not deserved to die. Not like this.

Most of them were in their twenties, tall and muscular. Richards was rummaging through boxes of supplies, throwing out everything he found. Guns, keys, wallets, letters and more were lying on the floor behind him.

Detective Masters discovered a note hidden in the back of a gangster's pocket. As she read it, the color drained from her face. She groaned.

"Latracy Masters," it read. "Turn back now if you wish to live."

It was in a child's handwriting, presumably Anna's. Detective Masters threw the note to Detective Richards. "Looks like I’m next," she told him as he read the note. He looked up at her with worry.

"Maybe you should go home, Masters," he suggested. "You know what this child is capable of."

"I’m not a coward, Richards. I’m not going to let an eight year old scare me into submission. Let’s find this little rat and bring her in."

The End

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