chapter 2Mature

While detectives Richards and Masters were on the hunt for information concerning the child murderess, Anna was on a killing spree. She took out a local gang with ease. The men were strong, but so was Anna. Most importantly, however, she was small and quick and clever, skilled in the art of being unseen. One by one she silently knocked the gang members unconscious, the others never knowing what was coming. She tied the twenty men up in a bundle and when they awoke, the first thing they saw was Anna's face, distorted with her twisted little smile.

She circled the group of terrified gangsters menacingly, lightly dragging her knife across each of their throats. Blood trickled from the wounds. The trembled with fear and she reveled in it. She worked quickly, slicing off their fingers and enjoying every second of it. There was blood everywhere as the gangsters begged for mercy. They were slowly bleeding out. She took the machete that belonged to one of the men and with it, she slashed their heads off. Every last one.

The sick, disturbing smile of Anna Wilson was on TV screens around the world. The people were terrified. Gun sales rose as desperate parents tried to protect their families. Children were kept inside; parks and shopping malls were deserted. She was a serial killer, a devil child. Everyone waited, hoping they would escape her urge to kill.

The End

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