the Anna Story 2: The Bloodhound killerMature

Chapter 1

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"Ahhhhh!" A man screamed as he was flung through the window of his third story apartment and split his skull on the pavement below. A pool of thick, dark red blood seeped from his fatal wound and onto the concrete. Anna looked down at the body, her smile wicked and twisted. She didn’t know the man’s name and she didn’t care. She only cared for the fear in her victim’s eyes – it drove her over the edge. It was like a drug to her; she couldn’t get enough. Anna was a devil child since before birth, and she had no plans on changing. No, she wouldn’t give up the killing. It was too much fun.

The government was keeping the case under wraps. A young girl, killing all these people? Recruiting followers to kill for her? Surely they couldn’t let the citizens know. News reporters wanted the story, but they couldn’t get at it. The anxiety spread as more rumors were heard. Anna delighted in the widespread fear she was causing. She decided to send out a message.

"Citizens of the United States." She speaks into the lens of a hijacked news camera, commanding the attention of everyone watching. "Your fear is mine. I will kill every last person on this Earth unless you give in to me and bow down to me, for I am your leader, your master, your empress and your queen. Nobody is going to save you- you will all fall to your doom. No one can stop me – I’m free to do whatever I please. You have my word," Anna said with a sick and twisted laugh.

Everybody looked at each other, scared. Parents tried to calm their frightened children and detectives tried to control the crowd.

"Look, we're trying our hardest to bring this little girl to justice. We just need your co-operation in this matter. All we want you to do is go home and stay there till this is resolved," ordered one of the detectives. The crowds began to disperse. "Thank you."

The detective who goes by his last name, Richards, was lighting a cigar. A female detective named Latracy Masters stood next to Richards.

"You know she’s going to be almost impossible to stop, right?" Detective Masters asked.

"All I know is this – she is giving out a demand that everyone bows to her and becomes her follower. She’s insane. We can’t let these people die all because of a little girl. We have to figure out what her motive is and follow it through!" Richards said, taking a puff of his cigar.

"And how are we going to do that?" Detective Masters asked.

"Simple – we follow her every move; find out everything there is to know about her," Richards explained.

Masters nodded in agreement and the two of them stood there in silence while Richards finished his cigar.

The End

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