A call for battle

Belle was quite serene  when entering the room. She knew they had questions about what she had just done or how she had done it and why and even what now ?

But all that  would be answered soon enough,simply  not by her! She was only a pawn in a chest game played  by very skilled players that had more than just the best interest of human kind at heart.

She was just the messanger!

And the ones behind the message paid her well enough not to care which side she fought for,had they asked she would volunteered her services of carrier for free,she had a score to settle with the Kestinos herself,but that was personal and they hadn`t bothered to ask ,so she didn`t volunteered anything about who she was.

 When a phone call was made and her presence requested by her former boss at the headquarters she saw that as a sign that finally she would have the means to kill they!

So here she was.

But with the message came complications and she wasn`t very fond of.

The task at hand wasn`t pleasant, so bidding her time she waited and now with this three and whoever came their way they would start a war.

A war to save them all from annihilation!

And now they waited,for him to appear...

The End

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