She didn`t look like any other lawyer he had ever seen on his holograph.That was the first thought that Fuse connect with her figure  when he saw the woman standing before them.

All  waited for her to introduce herself but instead she only acknolowdge him and the others  with a mere glimpse and started to refer to the twelve peers before her.

"I have here important information that the quick action taken by the perpertrator safe us all from a situation that was soon becoming out of our control as you are well aware."

She adressed  Capatain Ursula as she plugged the current device that  was being  hold in the palm of her hand  to the mainstream computer and  the information acquired by means none necessarily legal filled the screen.

But the was another story altogether!

All eyes were drawn to the information being displayed   and the  full impact that an invasion by the Kestinos would have in their Galaxy and in their survival...

The Kestinos where growing out of natural supplies to garanty the growth and survival of the species.Complied with the need to survive and a natural instint to kill,they had started by accessing the ships that where in orbit on the planet.

A fleet of twenty ships send in by the Galactic Republic in order to investigate this new world and its habitants.One ship had manage to escape the blood bath that had followed and brought with them the information showing now.

"I was unaware that civilians where giving the full information of what happen in the Kestinos home planet."Captain Ursual stated with a snare to no-one in particular.

"I am sorry not to have introduce myself.My name is Belle,and since you are unaware of who I am lets just say I have friends in high places.What you do need to know in order to do my job easier is that I have and order from the President of the Galactic granting Mr.Fuse and all involved in this gastly episode immeadiate release and employment."

"What ?"

Several heads turned in her direction,Fuse was one of them.

"We are gathering a team .The mission is to find all Kestinos and eliminate them."

She allow her words to be carried out and the silence that followed with be more significant than any speach given.

"Release him and the Dublins and leave this ship."

In the screen only one document was being screened.

 It displayed a full pardon to all involved in the termination of G27 and at the end of the page a signature that gave Fuse a new lease in life.

The only smiling  was Belle.

The End

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